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Digital Marketing Training in Pune

DigitalmarketingtrainingDigital Marketing spends are on an increase globally and India is leading the trend with over 30% annual growth. As the Internet and new media space in India continues to grow at a skyrocketing pace, the demand for skilled digital marketing professionals is becoming stronger by the day.

In the next two years more than 150,000 jobs are expected to be created in the digital marketing space as more Indian companies utilize online marketing & social media platforms to bolster business.

At SMB Digital Marketing Training in Pune, we offer complete Training in Digital Marketing. We empower professionals, students, housewifes, businessmen, entrepreneurs, graduates, post graduates etc. to reach their digital marketing goals. Our teaching methodology covers both the strategy and implementation techniques which help you develop tangible skills.

Note: You can go for complete Digital Marketing Training in Pune. Fill the form below as per your Training needs and we will get back to you.

Digital Marketing Training Course and Fees:

Fees: 25,000/- (Complete Digital Marketing Package)

Course Duration: 3-months (Weekdays) 2 hours daily.

4 months (Weekends Sat&Sun) – 3 hours . 

Modules Covered in Digital Marketing Training in Pune:

  1. Digital Marketing Overview
  2. WordPress Website Development
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Advanced Lead Generation
  6. Google Ads ( Google Ads)
  7. Search Campaign
  8. Display Campaign
  9. Shopping Campaign
  10. Mobile Campaign
  11. Video Campaign
  12. Discovery Campaigns
  13. Smart Campaigns
  14. Google Analytics
  15. Facebook Marketing
  16. Advanced Facebook Marketing
  17. Twitter Marketing
  18. Advanced Twitter Marketing
  19. LinkedIn Marketing
  20. Advanced LinkedIn Marketing
  21. YouTube Marketing
  22. Advanced YouTube Marketing
  23. Instagram Marketing
  24. Pinterest Marketing
  25. WhatsApp Marketing
  26. TikTok Marketing
  27. Quora Marketing
  28. Reddit Marketing
  29. Search Engine Optimization
  30. Local SEO
  31. Google Search Console
  32. Content Marketing
  33. Online Display Advertising
  34. E-commerce Marketing
  35. Mobile Marketing
  36. Digital Marketing Strategy
  37. Online Reputation Management
  38. Growth Hacking
  39. Viral Marketing
  40. Chatbot
  41. Affiliate Marketing
  42. Google AdSense
  43. Freelancing



About the Trainer: 

Digital Marketing Trainer, Mr. Aliasgar Babat is an expert in Digital Marketing with experience of 8+ years in this field. He has helped many businesses in planning, strategizing and execution  of Digital Marketing Campaigns. Have Trained over 1000+ students at DSIM, DigiPerform, TimesPro etc. He offers Digital Marketing Training’s in corporates as well.

Interested people can whatsapp me on +919823992648 or send me an email at

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