Why your Business should have a Website?


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Having a website is important in today’s fast changing global business environment. Not having a website for your business will result in loss of potential leads and customers; thus leading to loss of revenues. Let’s have a look at reasons as to why should your business have a website.


Reasons as to Why Your Business should have a Website:


1.) Website will bring credibility to your business

In today’s world more and more people and your customer’s use internet for searching products or services they wish to have. By having a website your business will gain credibility. If you don’t have a website, your potential customers will go towards your competitors for purchase of products or services.

2.) Website will save you Money and Costs

By having a website you can reach your potential target market in a cost effective manner rather than advertising your business through newspapers, magazines etc.

3.) Website will help you in increased sales

You can have an online store selling your products. So no longer your potential customers need to visit your shop for purchase of products thus resulting in increased sales as more and more people will buy online.

4.) A website will act as a Mascot for marketing of your business products / services.

A website will be a single point of information for your business, products and services information which you need to frequently provide to your customers. All your business details, products and services will be available at one click to all your customers thus creating brand awareness about your business, ultimately resulting in brand recognition.

5.) Your customers will be kept informed.

Your website will act as an online brochure or a catalogue, thus providing quick and easier access to information about your products or services. It is an effective way to keep your customers informed about arrivals of new products, upcoming events, special promotions, discounts on products or any new services you offer. It will keep your customers updated with current and latest information about your business, products and services.

6.) Your business is always accessible through a website

As your business website is available 24 hours, 365 day a year, your both regular and potential customers are ease at convenience of reviewing your products or services even when your office or shop is closed. With today’s online technological trends, it is a great USP for your customers while making a purchase decision.

7.) Expanded Reach

You can reach your customers globally with no barriers to boundaries, location, time and space through your website. You can gain new customers and can reach international geographies by just having a website.

8.) Saves you time

Your business website will save you time in providing information to your customers. Imagine you are providing information to all your regular and potential customers on phones or in store visits etc. How much time you will be spending? Instead, just having website with complete information saves you precious time which you can utilize in focusing on improvement of your core business products and services.

9.) Improves customer service

Providing value added services by having a FAQ page on your website, adding articles to your website blog and uploading your current or latest newsletters to answer all your customer questions on your website in order to keep them updated, will result in improved customer service.

10.) Increased local business exposure and sales.

A website will easily get you local in store visits and purchases plus will give you online sales as well, thus increasing sales of your products / services that you offer.

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