What are the E-learning Trends & Predictions for 2022?

What are the E-learning Trends & Predictions for 2022?



In the eLearning industry certain trends rule the marketplace. New e-learning platforms are continually launching on the market. These e-learning trends continue to grow and are bringing more learners to the globe.

With time, the field of eLearning experienced numerous changes that led to higher-quality and instructor-free learning. These days there are a lot of e-learning trends offering benefits to those who work in the educational or the eLearning industry.

But, it can be difficult to gain all the benefits without having information about the latest educational trends. This is why we offer all the details on the latest eLearning trends and predictions for 2022. Let’s explore more about the dominant trends in eLearning!

Most Dominant eLearning Trends and Predictions for 2022?

Big Data and Learning Analytics

The demand for eLearning has grown dramatically over the years, and companies use learning analytics data to provide better content to their customers. By using this data, businesses can determine the learner’s route throughout the course.

Do they follow the instructions exactly as your eLearning application mentions, or are they traversing the course differently? What aspects of the course have been helping them the most? These are some crucial questions to note as a basis for creating more effective online courses.

So make sure you and your eLearning app development company follow this trend.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Access to Big Data makes it easy to spot behavior patterns and helps determine which types of learning methods are more adaptable for the student. Big Data also helps determine what aspects of a course are most motivating and what not.

The use of artificial intelligence can also result in issues like face recognition and AI-based information or algorithms that learn based on the user’s behavior. Think of AI tutors that create individualized content for courses or technology to detect skill gaps that accurately identify areas requiring improvement.

IoT and Wearables

Next emerging eLearning trend is the Internet of Things. It is centered around the connectivity between objects and the possibility to manage them remotely. IoT based eLearning application gives students better access to communications channels and educational materials.

It also enables tutors to monitor and evaluate improvement in real-time. Automatically update your students about their classes, forum activities, or any other details that will allow them to succeed.

You can use IoT to analyze the behavior of learners to determine what eLearning courses have the most impact and require to be revised. Google Glasses is a perfect example of wearable devices. They blend education tools with augmented and virtual reality to provide unique learning experiences.


Gamification is the process of playing games within the learning environment, and is also making the eLearning trend a huge hit in 2022. It’s because gaming or game-based learning is unique in the education and E-learning business. It was first introduced in the year 2018, and ever since, gaming-based learning has boosted the eLearning industry in numerous beneficial ways.

Gamification in eLearning includes games and fun aspects to learning programs to make learning more efficient and enjoyable for the student. With its increasing popularity, we can say that the extensive gaming approach will not drop from its peak soon. The game-based learning approach provides numerous businesses with positive results in training with more progress.

Furthermore, the introduction of rewards systems integrated into game-based learning has changed the development of eLearning considerably. Nowadays, most employees, intending to achieve better rankings and rewards, embrace electronic learning platforms. You can use this opportunity and partner with an eLearning app development company to create such app platforms.

Social Learning

Social media learning is among the best eLearning trends and predictions for 2022 that has a big future also. Through social learning, learners share their knowledge, experiences, and important lessons learned on social media. Through this, others can use these lessons to increase their capabilities and run their businesses.

This particular online learning trend gained recognition with the advent of COVID. With the world closed and individuals being made to remain inside, social education became crucial for knowledgeable and committed employees to enhance their abilities.

The people who have mastered certain skills can share their knowledge on social media to help other people. Social learning has helped promote the idea of learning and will soon be an increasing trend in eLearning.

Social learning lets students learn from each other so that learning is not restricted to a single room. You can create an integrated social media  eLearning application to promote continuous learning and encourage instructor-free learning.

Rise of Next-Gen Technologies

We live in a technological time, and with the help of new technologies, we live much more conveniently today. A variety of innovative technologies such as AI, Big Data, ML, AR, and VR have made life easier for nearly all of the main industries of the global market. eLearning industry is the major industry that benefited from these innovative technologies.

While all immersive technologies are still in their infancy, it’s a lot simpler for students to advance their tracking and learn effectively. Furthermore, the eLearning industry will see significant gains as we advance in AR and VR technology.

For instance, future technological advancements in AI will result in better-designed learning that is more personalized so that the users can master the best tricks and techniques to improve their knowledge. In addition, voice User Interfaces (VUIs) will allow the learner to study using spoken commands instead of written instructions. That’s a huge leap forward in the eLearning business!

Final Words

Trends are constantly changing, but this eLearning trend above will not slow down. The eLearning industry has been getting a lot of attention in the last few years—the convenience of learning from experts when indoors attracts all learners to choose the online learning platform.  In short, the education industry is predicted to reach the heavens in the coming years. Therefore, if you’re planning to boost your profits and brand value, investing in eLearning is the most effective way. We suggest you opt for a customized eLearning app development company to see significant growth in terms of revenues and a large user base.

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