Video Marketing – Business Benefits



Numerous times you may have heard people talking about creating and publishing their videos. But what is really Video Marketing? What business benefits it offers? What types of Videos to create that work best? What are best Video Marketing channels? These are some points which will be discussed in this article. So let’s begin:


What is Video Marketing?

Everyone knows about videos in this world. Even a layman will understand what’s a video. So what’s Video Marketing? As per the definition by SmartShoot “Quite simply, video marketing is incorporating videos into your marketing campaigns whether to promote your company, product or service.”

As per Hollywood, “Video marketing is an advertising tactic utilizing video in an attractive and educational way, both by small and large companies. Videos can appear on the company’s website or on one of the video sharing site like YouTube and Daily Motion, to feature their products and services to the online community”.


Enough information above in regards to Video Marketing, right? Now let’s have a look at Business benefits offered by Video Marketing:

  • Video is the most powerful tool to market your business product or service and getting maximum reach and exposure.
  • Video is the most persuasive channel of Digital Marketing. Research shows that 80% of customers purchase a product or subscribe to a service after watching the company`s video.
  • Visualization i.e. Videos build trust and credibility amongst customers, clients, target audience, etc. more effectively.
  • Having videos on your website helps in boosting search engine rankings as videos are strong and relevant indicators to search engines.
  • Videos help businesses in increasing their search footprint across the globe.
  • Emailing videos to your business customers, clients, target audience etc. enhances your email marketing campaigns as well.


Have a look at interesting Video Marketing Statistics: (Source: )





What types of Videos to create that catch eyeball attention?

You may be wondering!! What type of video should I create for my business to get eyeballs rolling on it? Well, research shows that videos that build relationships with clients, customers, business partners, target audience etc; which educate and covert buyers to be loyal purchasers and which improve customer satisfaction are in demand.



Let’s have a look at different types of videos which a business can create:

  1. Creating video depicting customer testimonials will be great. It will give your prospective customers and target audience an idea about your brand as to what customers say.
  2. Create a video which demonstrates your product or service offered. Make it 1 -2 minutes of length. No longer than that.
  3. Create a video which will educate customers about your product or service offered i.e. how to use your product, service, benefits of using them etc.
  4. Interview thought leaders in your industry and publish the video incorporating your company’s brand in it to get increased exposure and views.
  5. Create and publish event videos i.e. business events, seminars, exhibitions etc. your business have participated in.


But the question still remains How do you promote and market your videos online? Let’s have a look at best Video Marketing Channels:

  • YouTube – YouTube is the most preferred Video Marketing channel with more than 4 billion views on YouTube every day. Missing out on publishing your video on YouTube, is like axing own leg with own axe.
  • Social Media – Social Media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. are best for marketing and promotion of your videos.
  • Publish and market your videos on Mobiles via Mobile Advertising.
  • Give a video press release.
  • Apart from YouTube, uploading your video on Vimeo, Daily Motion etc. and other video marketing websites for enhanced exposure and visibility.
  • Uploading your video on Slide-share.
  • Uploading your video on your own website, video blogs, micro video websites, sending it to your affiliates, emailing to customers etc.


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