Ultimate Guide: Affiliate Marketing Vs Influencer Marketing



Influencer marketing is a widely prevalent term in the context of digital marketing. As uncountable users log into well-liked social media platforms on an ongoing basis, marketers receive unparalleled chances for bringing their brand in front of a massive section of the target audience. But have we thought regarding affiliate marketing? Though it has been present for a very long time, its popularity is not like influencer marketing. However, the fact is that affiliate as well as influencer marketing is robust ways of educating the target audience & converting them into consumers. Unable to apprehend the differences & how every strategy operates will only mean that you will be missing out on prospects for enhancing your reach & growing your business. Let us learn the differences between affiliate marketing vs. influencer marketing in detail.

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How Influencer marketing operates

This is the procedure of collaborating with influential people in your particular niche & attaining their help for promoting your services and products. You can expect to receive maximum brand exposure in a short time span with the kind of marketing. You must get in touch with a sound influencer marketing agency if you want your business to turn into a brand. Influencer marketing by nature is very personal. Here the influencers will automatically have more control over your perfect target audience. Due to this, the followers of your influencers will automatically take quick action for learning more about your brand.


  • Enriching content strategy – In your influencer marketing Instagram, you will find no gaps with your content schedule if you keep on sharing high quality influencer content. This proves to be extremely beneficial for scenarios when you have a writer’s block in the context of content ideas.
  • Offering value to audience – Inbound marketing is that influencer marketing strategy that focuses on distributing content that motivates & educates and solves the problems of the intended audience. Influencers on the other hand are by now in tune with the requisites of the audience they aim to serve. In return, you can influence their content for offering value to your particular audience.
  • Building trust – Social media influencers always build credibility & trust with fans. Fans always respect their recommendations & content. When you start sharing content put forward by influencers, they will not only start recognizing your brand but they will also share contents put forward by you. This way you can convey your message to an audience that is actively engaged.



Check whether your campaign results in enhanced brand exposure or not with these following tactics:

  • Website traffic – Campaigns that attain success will always drive traffic to particular pages on the website – such as your store page. It is impossible to track the leads that moved forward for buying something.
  • Lead generation – In case you have a sign up form or lead magnet accessible, you must check whether there are more number of sign ups at the time of the campaign or not.
  • Social media engagement – You must see if the comments, shares, post views, likes, link clicks are getting boosted up or not. Social media platforms always track such metrics and offer analytics for helping you understand whether the campaign was effective or not.

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How Affiliate marketing operates



When it comes to affiliate marketing, you can advertise your services or products on websites that are not yours. As leads witness your content on such websites, some will click on the products & move ahead for purchasing. Then the affiliate – the website your content emerges on, will be attaining a petite profit of the sale. For instance, suppose you are engaging in affiliate marketing with Amazon, the website will earn a percentage every time some user clicks on the product links they find in your article or blogs.

Dissimilar to influencer marketing, it is about building partnerships with instituted publishers, blogs and companies with affiliate marketing. The objective of affiliate marketing companies is to help you enhance revenue by providing special discounts, sales & offers to your audience.


  • Performance based – Associating with affiliate marketing websites brings you a lot of benefits as affiliate programs are always performance based. Affiliates receive a commission only on the success of the anticipated action that makes them even more motivated for driving the conversion you actually seek for. This alleviates the efforts that actually dive traffic with zero to little value to your business & also ensure that you receive what you are investing for.
  • Boosting reputation – Suppose you are engaging in affiliate marketing for Amazon, as Amazon in a very reputable website, it gives you the chance of enhancing the reputation of your business as well. Such websites will not only champion your services or products, but they will also solidify customer confidence in your offerings.
  • Scaling traffic at rapid pace – Be it affiliate marketing on YouTube or affiliate marketing Instagram, appointing affiliates to any of your program will enable you to scale the traffic faster. There will be more prospects to convert visitors into paid consumers with the number of websites that link to your particular content pages. Affiliate links will not show a direct affect on search engine rankings but will definitely show a ‘halo effect’ in context to more number of people seeking for your services & steering to your content pages & this is amazing for your search engine rankings.


Measure the success of your campaign with these metrics:

  • Site traffic – Check whether there are more visitors to your website who are exploring the various web pages or not. It is also important to track the amplification in the amount of fresh lead signups & downloads of free contents.
  • Standard order value – You must check whether the leads purchase the minimum or they go beyond & purchase a plethora of products. You must also track whether the leads are purchasing high value products or not.
  • Sales volume – Follow the sales number for learning whether the services or products you are advertising go through a sales lift or not.

Source: https://www.sellbrite.com/blog/difference-between-influencer-and-affiliate/

Distinction between affiliate marketing vs. influencer marketing

Affiliate marketing Influencer marketing
Description Businesses advertising your content on their respective websites to their target audience. The businesses attain a profit of sales when those leads purchase your products Teaming up with influencers who advertise your brand to their specific followers on social media
Where to discover them These are websites & brands that function in the similar niche and in the space where you & your target audience spend their time online Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
Cost The percentage of the product sales is the customary payment with affiliate marketing. There are options like “pay per action” as well where affiliates receive payment on leads filling forms, subscribing to newsletters, etc Influencers receive compensation in various methods. It can be a free product, a flat salary or imbursement per post
Purpose Revenue growth & lead generation Brand awareness
Who are they Blogs, publishers and companies Celebrities, media personalities, bloggers and industry leaders
Return of Investment & Measure engagements Sales volume, website traffic and standard order value Social media engagement, lead generation, figure of new followers and website traffic


Source: https://www.sellbrite.com/blog/difference-between-influencer-and-affiliate/

Factors to focus on 

While you run a WordPress development company, you might feel the need of choosing between influencer marketing campaign and affiliate marketing campaign. Whichever marketing approach you opt for, it must depend on three important factors:

  • Your budget
  • Your objectives
  • Who your target audience is. Where your target audience spends time online

You will witness the three factors shifting eventually with time that will help you in learning the differences between affiliate marketing vs. influencer marketing. It will also help you in assessing which marketing approach to go with. You can even switch between these two as your requisites & objectives shift & develop.


Source: https://www.sellbrite.com/blog/difference-between-influencer-and-affiliate/

Wrapping up

Digital marketing always do not need to pit affiliate marketing vs. influencer marketing. The requisites of a WordPress development company are varied & keep on changing. Hence, you can make affiliate and influencer work together as well of needed. However, if you need to look at the distinctions between affiliate marketing vs. influencer marketing you must first chalk out your campaign objectives & then pick the marketing strategy that will fetch you results. The point here is to trial to discover the marketing approach that works. But you also need to be flexible for catering aptly to the interests and benefits of the audience. Connect with us today for availing first-rate services from our affiliate and influencer marketers to grow your business into a brand.

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