Top Ten Techniques For Social Media Optimization Success

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a powerful technique to boost the online presence of a company. It is not just about profile creation on Facebook or LinkedIn, but SMO is strategically creating and maximizing the social media plan of your company to correlate with the target audience. A sound social media presence quickly boosts the ranking of a company in search engine results. It also generates leads and strengthens your brand.

The top ten techniques to achieve success through social media optimization are:

  1. Profile optimization

Social media sites let you fill sufficient details about your company but many businesses leave some field empty in a hurry. So fill the profile completely to have a solid foundation and people can know more about your business. Besides your company’s logo and bio, make sure to mention the URL of your website in the form. Your username should be the brand name of your company so that customers can easily find you while searching on social media channels.

  1. Integrating social media into your website

Include social media icons in your website linking to your social media profiles and also provide social media sharing options on your blog posts.  The links on social sites are high-quality links because these sites have high DA and PA. These links are important to enhance your online presence and promote your brand/services.

  1. Focus on keywords

You must know about the hashtags, keywords, and topics searched by your target audience. For example, a mobile app development company should research relevant keywords related to app development. By keyword research, you can use appropriate keywords and hashtags in your social media posts which will increase the chance of being found when users search for similar topics related to your product or services.

  1. Content optimization

Success with social media marketing lies in sharing quality content and images. The two types of contents used in social media campaigns are original content and curate content. Original content e.g. original graphics shared on Twitter while curate content is the content shared from different sources around the web.

Only quality curate content should be shared which is relevant to the target audience. The relevance of such content for the audience can be determined by checking the engagement for each post.

  1. Increase your follower base

You should expand your follower base in an organic or natural way which is very effective in long run.   Tag your friends in the post in order to increase social reach and social media engagement.  Some of the best ways to increase Facebook followers and likes are run Facebook Ads, invite your contacts to like your page, attach a Facebook like widget, and use automation tools like PostPlanner to enhance your activity. For Pinterest, PinPinterest is an effective automation tool with many features.

  1. Choose the relevant channels

FaceBook and LinkedIn are of great help for businesses to establish their global reach. Facebook is the most suitable platform for selling your products directly to customers while LinkedIn is fine for marketing to other companies. You should also inspect the channels used by your foremost competitors and prioritize to pitch to that social media channel that has a very large number of competitor followers than yours.

  1. Optimize posts

Post optimization is required to increase the visibility of your posts in searches. An anchor to a blog post or an interesting video increases post engagement. You should add keywords in the title to optimize it for search results. You can also optimize your posts by scheduling them 3 to 4 days in advance, posting multiple times in a day, using hashtags and images.

  1. Track your SMO efforts

Use social media analytics to trace your SMO efforts. By adding UTM code to a custom URL we can track the traffic source and the campaign name. You can also choose paid social media marketing tools to   know better about the impact of your campaigns.

  1. Microblog posts

As the name suggests, micro-blogging refers to very small blog posts comprising of one or two sentences. Microblogging sites like Tumblr help businesses to increase their brand awareness among customers.  Microblog posts also contribute to improving the DA of your website.

  1. Organize marketing strategy

Develop a strategy to achieve short term and long term goals of your company. Exhibit professionalism, lay out the steps of your social media campaign strategy and work to achieve the targets timely. Success is certain when your happy customers receive product updates, new content and other valuable information.

­­­­­­­ Author Bio:

Paru Saxena, Sales head at TechIngenious – A Mobile app development company in India. Writing is my passion and I am writing from the past 5 years. However, my experience lies in digital marketing and web development.  I have a proven track of record in sales & business development with leading organizations. When I am free, I like to observe nature in its wide diversity of forms.