Top Social Media Marketing Tools


Hey, below I am presenting list of Top 20 Social Media Marketing Tools. Have a look:


#1 Buffer

Buffer is one of the most widely used software application that helps to schedule posts on 3 major social media platforms viz. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This tool primarily helps in managing multiple social media accounts at the same time, schedule the content in a short span of time from anywhere on the web. Details at


#2 Hootsuite

Started in the year 2008, Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media publishing tool. Hootsuite basically helps to get free reports by email, send messages from a single platform, streamlining the posts and scheduling of the tweets as well. Details at


#3 Facebook Power Editor

An inbuilt Facebook tool, Facebook Power Editor is useful for someone who is running more than one Facebook Ads Campaign. It is used to create target audiences and considered to be a great tool to create an image for your campaign. This tool works like Adword Editor and simplifies Facebook Ad Campaigns. Details at


#4 Google Analytics

One of the most widely used website statistics service, Google Analytics, the basic version of which is free however, there the premium if chargeable for a certain amount of fee. This extensively used tool helps to generate and track detailed statistics of social media traffic on the website. Details at


#5 Bitly

Bitly is a tool that is basically meant for shortening the URLs. This tool is used mainly to a great extent in the fields such as social networking, email, SMS etc. Moreover, this tool comes to the rescue of the companies that want to accelerate their brand awareness and track the marketing metrics. Details at


#6 SocialMention

One of the popular Social Media Marketing tool, Social Mention enables the user to trace and measure the performance of a company, product etc. Social Mention is a free tool that analyses the data in detail and bifurcates it into 4 categories viz. Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach. Details at


#7 TweetDeck

This tool is a social media management dashboard used for the complete management of Twitter which is one of the most used social media platform. TweetDeck is an exhaustively useful tool basically meant for scheduling & tracking the tweets.  Details at


#8 ShortStack

ShortStack is a campaign building tool, specifically used for Facebook. This tool readily helps to generate leads by running promotional contest, thus helps in increasing revenue. Details at


#9 SocialOomph

SocialOomph is a social media marketing tool that enables to get Twitter keywords’ alerts on mail. A time-saving tool, SocialOomph helps to accelerate the traffic and increase the money flow. Details at


#10 HowSociable

This is an extremely handy tool that allows the user to assess social media presence of his company as well as that of the competitor. The striking feature of this tool that sets it apart from the other social media marketing tools is that it displays scores for different social media platforms, thus allowing the user to focus on those social media platforms which need further development. Details at



This tool basically an online contact building form that adds contact forms to Facebook pages. enables the user to generate leads and perform end-to-end engagement. Details at


#12 is a social media marketing tool that allows to see what is being said about the user’s company. This tools helps to analyse and quickly respond to the online presence. Details at


#13 Topsy

Topsy is a social media analytics tracking tool. This tool helps the user to search the tweets by time & place and analyse the sentiments of every single tweet. Details at


#14 Just Unfollow

Just Unfollow is an interesting social media marketing tool that enables the user to trace and find Twitter and Instagram followers. This tool is useful to those users who wish to get and expand their network on Twitter and Instagram by following the right set of people. Details at


#15 Canva

Canva tool is meant for making simple designs, especially Facebook cover pages. Primarily, this tool is used to create designs viz. Facebook covers, posters, blog graphics, presentations, flyers etc. Details at


#16 Tweet Archivist

This amazing tool helps to save the tweets before they disappear. Once the user activates Tweet Archivist, it is assured that the tweets do not get missed. Details at


#17 Radian6

This platform helps the user to keep a check on the conversations all across the social web world. Radian6 is one such platform that allows the user to fetch the results from over 150 million sites and other sources viz. Blogs, forums, photos and video sharing sites etc. Details at


#18 Advanced Twitter Search

Advanced Twitter Search is an inbuilt Twitter tool. This is an extremely helpful tool that helps to find latest news and events happening around the world, at a faster pace. Details at


#19 Pagemodo

Pagemodo is one such social media marketing tool that is meant for designing and promoting Facebook apps. This tool simplifies the process of social media marketing by helping the user to design ads in such a way that fetches & engages more customers across the social channels. Details at


#20 Followerwonk

Followerwonk is a social media marketing tool that enables to find influencers on Twitter. An extremely useful source, Followerwonk is used by thousands of people and companies for social analytics viz. Twitter analytics, social graph tracking, segmenting followers etc. Details at