Top 9 Elements of Ecommerce Website Design to use in 2019

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Standing tall in the final chapter of this decade, we can clearly visualize that the internet has not just grown up but has also changed a lot in the last few years.

Technological revolutions like AR, VR, AI,and such other acronyms are now just a mere common term.

And such huge changes are not just limited to AR, VR, AMP etc. but has also created a huge impact on the web design elements as well.

Well, we all know that 2018 has been a tremendous year for web design. And now as we are in 2019, the numerous developments are now paying off.

So, before you jump into action, let me introduce you to the top web design elements that are going to make it big in this current year of 2019.

  1. Flat and Minimalistic Design

This is probably the most timeless web design element.

And I don’t deny the fact that Flat Designs are my favorite when it is about website design, do you?

The lesser the elements, the minimal the effort a website visitor has to put in post visiting your website. Flat designs might have emerged as a new web design element but it has earned its position among the web design elements over the years.

Not only that, this element has become a standard when it comes to web designs.

Flat designs come with a number of perks and the first one of them is the faster loading time. Yes, this is the reason why it came up to become the number one element in my list.

Faster loading time of flat designs lets the user have a merrier browsing experience, no matter what device the person visits t from.

Don’t you think the same?

  1. GIFs

In this era of getting things on demand, this has become the mindset of users to get things with just a click on their device. And when you’re talking about “instant gratification”, there is nothing as such that can replace GIFs.

GIFs are the small windows that take hold of the attention of the website visitor over a short period of time.

Engaging and entertaining at the same time, GIFs, work as a bonus in most of the browsers and even in the mobile devices, which makes them accessible to everyone.

  1. B&WIs the New Trend


Ever thought about what is the most important element of a website design?

If you haven’t then let me help you with the answer.

It is nothing but the colors.

Color is the element that prepares the mood of a website visitor. It also helps to create an identity for the brand and helps the visitors by guiding them with the visual landmarks.

White and black are the colors that create a huge contrast when it is about putting them up on a website. And not just that, this monochromatic style statement fits perfectly with the flat design element that I have mentioned earlier.


  1. Mobile-Tablet Compatibility

There are a few stats that show us what happens when an e commerce business overlooks its mobile viewing experience.

Whenever a user finds an ecommerce site not working properly in their mobile handsets, they simply jump to the conclusion that the business owner does not care about them.

Now this is something serious. And keeping the “customer satisfaction” thing in mind, it is crucial at this point of time that businesses focus more on their mobile pages.

But another thing I’d like to let you know is the fact that almost 62% of the businesses who designed a web page specifically for the mobile visitors, got their sales increased.


  1. Marketing Automation

I hope you are aware of the thing called, “marketing automation”, aren’t you?

Well, if you are then I must let you know of the fact that businesses that have an automation set for lead generation, they tend to achieve 10% or even higher revenue quarterly.

Even, researchers also tell us that marketing automation provokes sales lead generation by 300% in just a single month.

Now let me tell you how important is marketing automation for the top companies.

Approx. 81%of the top companies tell us that “wanting to close sales faster” was their prime reason behind setting up marketing automation.

So, I guess it is high time for you to kick off marketing automation in your organization.


  1. Chatbots

You’ve heard of chatbots, haven’t you?


But predictions say that they will be ruling the market in 2019.

This is where machine learning comes into action. Yes, you got me right. AI and machine learning have worked hand-in-hand to make the chatbots even more intelligent and interactive.

The chatbots have evolved into a regular element in the ecommerce websites nowadays. They now show up in highly customized versions, which used to be far beyond our imagination. And when fused with vivid tones, they come up as even more inviting.

We can even predict that these chatbots are going to get their own personable faces real soon.


  1. Organic Shapesand Comfortable Design

Web pages are usually made up with systematic grids. We are all used to see such designs till date. Geometric structures do give stability to the design with their sharp corners and smooth edges. It is not unnatural for the designers to get inclined towards such designs.

But users nowadays seem to tend more towards accessibility and comfort.

Being naturally imperfect, organic shapes provide website designs with a deeper approach with their asymmetrical design. This in turn make such web pages stand out.

The one and only goal of such design is to make the website more humane and not just a straight face.


  1. Lead Nurturing Programs

Stats tell us of 65% of B2B marketers who haven’t yet established lead nurturing.

Now are you aware of the fact that nurtured leads approximately create 20% expansion of sales compared to non-nurtured leads.

HubSpot also tells us about companies that are tremendous in lead nurturing are capable of generating 50% increased sales at a low cost of almost 33% compared to others.

And lastly, stats show us how nurtured leads provide business owners with 47%bigger purchases compared to leads that were not nurtured.

So, I guess it is pretty clear that if you want to make it big then nurturing leads is important. Set up a lead nurturing program all you need to do is to wait.

  1. Thumb-friendly Navigation

How many of your website visitors are desktop users?

Yes, there are quite a few.

But what if I ask you about the count of mobile users visiting your webpage?

We all know the answer. It is HUGE! And this is the reason why web designers tend to focus a lot more on the mobile page designs compared to the previous years.

Moreover, as users now tend to access web pages mostly through their touch screen handsets, ecommerce web designers now try to keep the essential buttons mostly to the bottom of the screen to provide a better experience to their users.

Which Ecommerce Web Design Elements Are You Looking Forward To?

So, there you go.

These were the top web design elements which according to me are going to rule 2019.

The points that I have discussed above are going to make it big in this year, but you should never forget that tons of surprises are about to come.

And similarly, you have plenty of time to indulge your unique vision to this list.


Author Bio

Derek Luise is working as a Jr. content writer and blogger with Ethane Technologies. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.