Top 10 Free SEO Tools To Improve Your Website Ranking

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A killer website is a great thing but the bad news is that there is no guarantee that it will appear in the search results. So, what will help you? Well, you know it already- it is the SEO or the Search Engine Optimization.

but, do you know that SEO is very complicated and difficult. this strategy actually has no set of rules, it is based on assumptions and patterns which the expert follows to get the desired results.

The Digital Marketers who are always collecting their information through feeds, analysis, data and even research results; try to find the right way or route to SEO. But the fact is, there is no laid path to follow and they do their study with their own perspective.

However, there are tools for SEO which are immensely helpful to improve the ranking of your website.

The good news is that they are absolutely free and you can always use them for great and dependable results.

We here discuss the free tools for you to help to figure out desired results in the complicated maze of the SEO world

(you might know about them, but a few might be new to you or their applications remain undiscovered to you. a few others may be new for you, so we insist you to read all of them and not the skim the write-up.)

  1. Google Search Console

you need to know about the searches to your website. There has to be an inspection tool to monitor the site performance and Google Search Console is one such tool. The webmasters take notice of these details with this free tool which comes directly from Google.

You can also get alerts on the issues which bug your site and fix them instantly. the tool is a common one but comes with universal and plenty of beneficial features.

The webmasters monitor the queries that do lead the end users to their site; it also helps in making a compare of the variety of queries that have led to the site. and finally, the compatibility of the website to mobile devices.

  1. Google Analytics

this is the age of analytics- data is important for any business to understand the behaviour, choices, and preferences of the clients. Online customers have an inclination to check all the available options and then make the final buy.

The analytics help as they figure out the duration of how much they stayed on the website, visited the number of pages and then made or not made the buy. This the vital information as it helps to find out what is working and what is not working on the site.

Even the bounce rate is also estimated with the free tool of Google Analytics. (for those who do not know the bounce rate- it is the rate of which the visitors leave the website in the middle of their search; it can be due to many reasons but the most important reason is that they find the site uninteresting. this can be solved with the useful tools which are helpful to figure out the cause of the visitors leaving the site and to eliminate it completely.)

Conversions are very important because there may be tons of visitors to your e-commerce website, but unless they made a purchase, book a deal, or make some kind of impact, the purpose is not solved.

Google Analytics is an important tool which helps to get an estimate of every activity in the site. Almost every site owner knows about this, but it is also a fact that most of them do not know about the detailed features.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Another free tool from the most popular search giant Google is the Google Keyword Planner. the main purpose of this free tool is to assists in keyword research for all types and every niche in the online market. The additional benefit of the tool is to find information about the new and currently in-use keywords. The old data which is relevant to understand the client shift or movement and to predict the forecast of the online traffic can be done with the right keywords which the Google Keyword Planner is of great help.

Even it is helpful in estimating the bids, budgets, and campaigns for websites.

  1. Moz Keyword Explorer

we are discussing free SEO tools and we cannot forget this one. it is designed by Moz and it is leading authority in every SEO related activity.

it has a search bar where any kind of information can be typed for which can be from the root domain, subdomain, keyword, and exact page. This tool allows the SEO expert to control and fins the accurate keyword search database and discover and rank the best keyword for their site.

it has both the options, of being paid as well as free, and obviously, the paid version has more features. they are pretty useful; however, the free version is also not bad and can solve a lot of issues.

  1. Spyfu

The online place is all about assumptions and metrics as the owner cannot visualize the searcher. It all based on data and analytics. the free tools are of immense help and one such tool is Spyfu.

Spyfu allows valuable insight to keywords, search volume, click-through-rate, cost-per-click and ranking difficulty among many other important metrics which determine the ranking of the website. Well, additionally it also allows the information of the competitors’ website which again also helps to get on the competition with a load of information.

  1. LSI

Content is the lifeline of the website. SEO cannot perform without it and the perfect content which has the relevant information which the searched demand for. The right keywords are also a necessary component of the content.

But one more relevant thing about keywords is that there are no single keywords for every topic.

You need your own keywords to rank in the searches, and the saviour is LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing which gives your own set of keywords.

This help the search engines understand us better and rank in top position in the search results.

It is an essential part of SEO and there are free tools for it. LSI keywords tools help to find the best keywords for SEO.

  1. Siteliner

Siteliner software checks the health of the website, and figures out the issues and errors that can corrupt the online performance of the site. The issues can also have an impact on the search engine ranking. It identifies duplicate content, broken links, page power, and always generates a detailed report about the site.

  1. Screamfrog

The Screaming Frog is an expert “SEO spider tool” that crawls websites, collects as well as analyze data. it is useful for both, beginners and experts, it ultimately filters out SEO issues that they need to be corrected and improved.

  1. Semrush

This tool is for monitoring the competitors’ website, as well as one’s own site. Semrush provides a set of tools for keyword research and competitor analysis. It provides the users the access to various metrics with importance on SEO, PPC, and traffic forecasts.

  1. Ubersuggest

Competitive Intelligence, Keyword Suggestion, and Keyword Difficulty are the common struggles which every SEO expert face. This is the tool which solves all the issues faced even by the experts who are in the game for years.

This tool also helps to figure out the seasonal trend, volume,and the competition which is a huge help for any know of SEO work.

There are other tools as well which are known by almost every SEO professional like Plagiarism checker which checks the authenticity of the content.

Digital marketing gets crippled and cannot be done without the help of these free tools. The world of SEO is ever evolving and the so the help which can be direct from the search engines are in the form of these tools. If any site owner finds them of much use, they can always go for the better versions which are easily available.

The algorithm of Google is not easy to understand, as there is no direct update on them. This is the challenge which is faced by almost every digital marketer and so these tools are actually a boon for them.


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