The Start-up Guide to an Explainer Video

An explainer video is one of the most important tools that you can use to boost brand awareness and promote/market your products or services. Explainer videos are different from written content or images and can be short or long as per the marketing campaign.

However, shorter explainer videos tend to work better than longer videos due to the attention span of the viewer and have a high retention rate.

Therefore, explainer videos need to be short and provide details about brand values and services concisely. Also, a good explainer video will help boost the sales rate. Thus, let’s find the perfect method of creating a unique explainer video that gives your brand the extra push to gain traction.


  1. What is an Explainer Video and Why Use it?

An explainer video is described as an animated short video that is used to show a complex topic in a fun and engaging format while conveying the brand message to the audience. It is more memorable than text content. Also, most ‘how-to’ explainer videos or product demo videos elicit a better response from the target audience, making it the preferred marketing tool amongst most marketers.


Why Use an Explainer Video?

  • Versatile: Explainer videos can be used as utility knives in the marketing world. They can be used anywhere from social media platforms, on your website’s homepage to specific landing pages. They can also be included in paid media, email marketing campaigns, presentations, trade show booths and much more.



  • Increase Visibility: Videos are the best form of marketing to gain visibility for your brand. It helps improve the SEO metrics, including the average time spent on your site as well as the bounce rate. The decrease in bounce rate and an increase in site dwell-time can improve the chances of your product or service showing up on the search engine result pages. This can help you generate more potential leads, resulting in higher ROI.



  • Higher Conversion Rate: Videos get more shares and likes on social media than any other content type. Likewise, it is estimated that customers are more likely to buy a product; post watching a video about the same. Thus, when it comes to the conversion rate, videos score highly. Also, having a video on your landing page can help you to improve your conversion rate significantly. Whereas, videos in emails can help you to increase your click-through-rates.



  • Build Trust: Explainer videos give you an aspect of empathy with the viewers and humanize your brand as you try to understand the needs of your customers and deliver the same. This, in turn, helps you to build trust and increase brand loyalty. Furthermore, it helps improve your brand’s credibility, which can help you to garner more leads.



  1. Guide to Creating An Explainer Video

To create the best explainer video for start-ups here is a tried and tested process that you can use.

  • Answer These Questions: Who is your target audience? What is the aim of the video – brand awareness, generating leads? Where are you going to use it – on the website, social media? Before you begin the production process, you need to ask yourself these questions. A video has multiple elements – text, audio and visuals. Thus, by understanding what is needed, you will be able to deliver it successfully.



  • Scriptwriting: It is the most important step to create an explainer video. Scriptwriting will enable you to brainstorm different ideas and concepts until you find that one idea that you know your target audience will love and which will enable you to convey your brand message engagingly.



  • Storyboarding: This refers to a series of illustrations that gives you an idea about how the visuals of the video would eventually look.



  • Voice Recording: Rather than recording the audio yourself, hire a professional voice over artist who will give your video that extra finesse which will help you to gain more tr



  • Animation Production: Once the voice over artist records everything, the real magic of animation happens. The animation is what makes your explainer video amazing, unique, and can lead to more views and high conversions.



  • Editing and Post-Production: The final step to create an explainer video is editing and post-production. During this process, fine-tuning different scenes, cutting unnecessary scenes, corrections in cuts, etc are made. This is a pivotal step as you don’t want your target audience to see an unprofessional (raw) video, which could impact your brand negatively.



Lastly, make the final (edited) video live on your website, social media and YouTube channel. Keep track of your audience response, which will let you know if your video was a hit or a miss. And keep fine-tuning all the other explainer videos that you create in the future until you get the process right and see an increase in website traffic, ranking and conversion.

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