SEO On Page Trends in 2019

On Page SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process which increases the visibility of your products and services in the search engine is known as search engine optimization. Through this increase in your website’s traffic of targeted audience after implemented search engine optimization services.


On Page Trends

On Page SEO refers to optimizing each and every product and services with respect to the keyword for higher visibility in the search engine is known as On Page Optimization. Now we discuss factors of On Page SEO which is useful for you and your audience.


(a) Website Type

There are mainly two types of websites: dynamic website and static website. Dynamic websites are those websites whose content updates on a daily basis or frequently like blogs, e-commerce. And static websites are those websites whose content updates not on daily basis like NGO’s website, college website. The search engine gives more preference to the dynamic website because of content updates on a daily basis. Through this audience will attract and search engine crawler will crawl your website again and index. Dynamic websites are SEO friendly.


(b) Website Content

In the website, you can place good content which is easily understandable by the audience. This is part of content writing. If you put low-quality content or duplicate content on the website, it will reduce your traffic audience and your website ranking will fall down in search engine results and it will affect SERP. You can easily check low-quality content and duplicate content. This is also an important factor in SEO.


(c) Performance Optimization

If users visit your website and website take more than 3 seconds to open a web page. The user gets irritated and closes the web page. This will give a negative impact on users and decrease audience traffic on your website. In SEO, you can analyze the loading speed of your website and web pages and optimize web page performance. Then boost the speed of your website in many ways. You can check your website speed by GTMetrix tool.


(d) Site Map

A site map is a list of pages of your website. Site map has two types: HTML site map & XML site map. A sitemap is accessible to users and crawlers. A site map allows users to navigate your website and find the information they are looking for. Every website has its own site map. In SEO, you can make a site map of your website by online free & paid tools.


(e) Meta tags

Meta tags are user-defined commands given to robots to perform a specific task. There are 7 types of Meta tags which we used in SEO. Like Meta description, Meta keywords, Meta robots, Meta days, Meta-index, Meta copyright, and Meta geolocation. Meta tags optimization helps ensure your website appears on search engine results.


(f) Blog Creation

Blog Creation is the best way to increase your traffic audience. In this, you will write content which impresses our audience and crawler will index your website again & again. In this, you will write high-quality content on your business products and services. Through this audience well aware of your products and services.


(g) Keyword Research

This is the most important factor in SEO. Through this, you can easily target your business keywords and rank your website on the first page on search engine results. In this, you will use long tail keywords which will help to target your audience and get more audience traffic.


(h) Internal Linking

Internal linking is useful to navigate user or crawler from one page to another page. Through this user can learn more about your business and crawler crawl all information and index.


(i) HTML Source Code

Through this, you can test your source code and fix errors in HTML source code. Your website created by HTML source code.


(j) Image & Hyperlink Optimization

Image optimization is one of the most important factors of SEO. In this, you can optimize your website images in many ways. This is a good source of traffic from Google image search.

All these On-Page SEO factors will affect your website ranking and increase audience traffic. Apart from that, Off Page factors are also play a vital role to rank your website.


(k) Desktop & Mobile Speed

Desktop & mobile speed plays a vital role in on page optimization. You can check speed by Google Page Speed test tool. If your website speed is below 80 on desktop & mobile both. Then it will affect your website ranking. You should improve website speed by consulting website developer. Through JavaScript & Bootstrap website speed is down.


(l) Broken Links

If your website has broken links, then it will affect the user as well as search engine. Sometimes when the user navigates to a page within website then the page doesn’t exist or it shows 404 error. In this case, the user exit from the website. To fix this problem, redirect all broken links to related pages.


(m) Keyword Density

Now a day, most websites are stuffing lots of keyword in home page & product pages for getting a good rank. But Google doesn’t support keyword stuffing. To use the proper keyword with 1.5 keyword density. Through this, your website will be rank easily.


(n) Web Crawl Errors

When crawler or Google bot visit our website and analyze everything. If Bot got stuck in an error, then the error will display in Google Webmaster. Through this, you can easily fix errors.


On Page Optimization Activities

  • Write effective titles and descriptions
  • Header Tags Optimization including titles, meta descriptions & meta keywords
  • txt Optimization
  • Html/CSS W3c Validation check
  • Implement h1 and h2 header
  • Image & Hyperlink Optimization (Alt tags, Anchor Text, and Titles)
  • Implement Google webmaster account and Google analytics
  • Integrate sitemap in Google webmaster
  • URL Rewriting
  • Broken link fix
  • Resolving web crawl errors
  • 404-page creation
  • Optimizing site navigation
  • Integrate sitemaps/RSS/XML files
  • Grammar/spell check/image optimization
  • Appropriate keyword density
  • Unique /relevant content
  • HTML Sitemap
  • XML Sitemap


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