Promote a New Product Through Email Marketing



When there is a new product on the block you would want to launch it at the earliest possible. With the advent of email marketing the promotion of a new product has become a lot easier and it gives you a great head start. The promotion of new products using email marketing can be very effective. It will definitely require some time and hard-work to learn the tips and tricks of email marketing but once you are through, your product placement or promotion will be much better.

There are a few tips that you have to keep in mind when it comes to email marketing. The tools for email marketing campaigns are used by the marketers to test, create, optimise and report on these campaigns. A few of the tips and points that should be kept in mind while promoting a product using email marketing are mentioned below:

  • When you are planning on launching a new product through email marketing then it is best to offer great deals and discounts. This will not only lure customers into buying your products but also encourage them to forward the email to their friends and family as well. When you include discounts and offers in your email marketing newsletters, the subscribers will definitely pass it on to other potential buyers thus promoting your product even further. A very common way to do the promotion of your product is by adding a discount offer on the price or a special add-on gift for the first few customers. For example, you can also send out a discount code on your newly launched product for the early customers.


  • It is very important to analyze your email marketing data. This will help you understand which customers have bought your products in the past and are likely to purchase the newly launched products. Email marketing will also help you understand the buying preferences of your customers and their top purchases as well.


  • The best email marketing tools for small businesses includes Spicesend. They help you grow your business and track your email campaigns as well. Customer testimonials is very crucial when it comes to email marketing. They are quite different from the official reviews but can be equally helpful and powerful. When your real customers will provide positive reviews and feedbacks for the product to the potential customers, it will help in promoting your product and create a great marketing tool. Customer reviews are more trustworthy than the reviews provided by your staff members because it will be unbiased. It is also important for a business owner to acknowledge the problems or issues that your reviewers are facing. If you address these issues and come up with solutions to the problems then it indicates that you are respecting the feedback of the customers and are going to rectify the issue. This will lead you to become a trustworthy brand and form meaningful relationships with your customers.


  • Email marketing can help you include giveaway contests in your newsletters. A contest will excite your customers more and make them more curious and develop interest in your product. This way your product will get a lot more advertising and attention and hence attract more buyers.


  • Spicesend is one of the top email marketing campaigns tools that will help you spread the word about your product to customers. It will help you design the email marketing newsletter based on the new product and not include any information that is not associated with the new product. They will also make sure that the entire limelight is on the new product and no other product is advertised or promoted.


  • Keeping a close eye on your email marketing data is very critical because it will help you understand when to send in the mail. Reviewing your marketing data will help you understand when the opening rates are high and when exactly do your customers make the highest purchases.


  • You should always keep this in mind: marketing campaigns will be more useful if they are running on multiple channels. Definitely email marketing is helpful for your new product but at the same time you should advertise it on other social media platforms. The more you make use of different platforms to promote your product, the more it will stay on people’s minds and generate interest.


  • Email marketing is a great way to interact with customers and build a positive relationship with them. It is very important to construct emails that will capture the attention of the subscribe rs and engage them with your product.


  • When it comes to launching a new product, much of the excitement is limited to the internal team building the product. However, through email marketing you can develop the excitement and curiosity of your customers by leaving a mystery around your product or disclosing the details bit by bit.


  • Once the details are out of your product, the job of your email marketing campaign doesn’t end. Hereafter they have to keep the hype alive around the product and continue to promote the product. Mostly it is seen that many buyers do not purchase the product in the first go hence it is important to keep them posted and notified about the product so that they do not forget about it.


  • There are plenty of online sites that do product reviews and accept product submissions. You can submit your product details to these sites and they will review it for you. After that you can select the review that you feel will best suit the features of your products and will be beneficial for your email marketing campaign. This way the review will be unbiased and clear.



Promotional emails are a part of your email marketing campaign and help provide details about your newly launched product. They are a simple yet effective tool when it comes to advertising and promoting your products or services. The main objective of email marketing campaigns is to make your customers aware and generate more revenue. It also helps