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Instagram is one of most popular social media platforms today. This free photo and video sharing site debuted in 2010 and then Facebook bought it in 2012 and since then it has been growing in clout and popularity by the day. In the day days, it focused more on app-based experience but soon this approach was ditched to give easy access to users online. Marketers too leverage Instagram to help brands make a killing and realize their true potential. in between all this, there have been some changes and additions and stats worth knowing.


Here are some of interesting facts and things about Instagram –


  • Instagram recently joined the elite league of those social media platforms having 1-billion user per month


  • Just within 2 months of launch in July 2010, it reached the target of 1 million users, and its numbers zoomed to a whopping 10 million mark a year late


  • Instagram reached the milestone of 100 million users in February 2013 and in the same month, it rolled out the web feed as well


  • Videos were introduced to the platform in June 2013 and direct messaging too became the part of the user experience in in December the same year


  • Instagram introduced advertising in October 2013, which was only for select brands at the start before being rolled out for general public two years later in September 2015


  • The platform rebranded itself and changed its logo in May 2015 and started following Facebook’s lead a month later following by a switch from a chronological to algorithmic feed model


  • While one in every three internet users have an account on Instagram which is growing at 5 per cent quarterly rate and whose one/third user base comprise people from 18 to 24-year-age group


  • The platform is such hugely popular among millennials in the US that 7 out of ten from 18 to 24 year-age group use have an account on it


  • On an average 100 million photos are posted on Instagram per making taking the total number of photos on this platform close to 40 billion in strength


  • Instagram is way ahead of its contemporaries when it comes to engage rates as its 2 to 7 percent far exceeds those of Facebook 0.1 to 1.5% and Twitter’s less than 1.5%.


  • Photos are clearly the king on Instagram, and they deliver 30% more engage than videos, though this number is set to come down in coming years as videos will slowly find their groove on this platform


  • On Instagram, you can increase engagement by 5% when you include someone’s handle in a post; by 12.6% when include a hashtag; and 79% when tag a location


  • More than 400 million people daily use Instagram stories which takes its daily active users (DAU) for stories more than Snapchat


  • Music is now added a new feature to Instagram stories as users can now record stories with music from the in-house library and add more heft to their stores (this feature is yet to available everywhere though)


  • Instagram also offers video chat feature through which it allows users to have a video chat with up to four friends at a time


  • On Instagram, two types community and branded hashtags are used where the latter comprises 70% part while users are allowed to use up to 30 hashtags per post to make their content discoverable


  • According to Instagram report, 80% of its users follow at least business or biz account on the platform and there are currently 27-30 million active business profiles on the platform


  • Users love to shop through Instagram and one major reason behind this trend is the visual nature of the content posted on the platform


  • Instagram launched shoppable feed for only business accounts to help boost sales which was getting affected or disrupted due to the limitations on number of links


  • Every 9 out of 10 social B2C influencers find Instagram as the most likeable platform as about 80% of them find it’s the choice of platform for brand collaborations


Clearly, Instagram is the social network for brands and individuals alike for enhancing their presence and gaining benefits out of that. You can consult a top SEO company India and leverage the platform in the best manner possible for sure.


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