Industry based Half Yearly Analysis of Digital Marketing

Industry based half yearly analysis of dm

-Introduction –

With the sudden arrival of the Covid19 Virus, the percentage of online sales throughout the world has reached a new high. A lot of entrepreneurs and businesses have come to the conclusion that it would have been a good decision to shift completely to the online market.

People have never been more aware about the economic outcomes that a country might face as a result of a pandemic. The most common reaction to the outbreak of the Covid19 was panic and then every company and business started to work even harder to make as much as they could before the inevitable and apparent shutdown.

The current situation has increased the number of online shoppers only in India by a huge twenty-eight per cent and if the statistics remain the same, by the year 2025, the number of online shoppers will cross the two hundred million mark.

Under the dire circumstances brought by the Covid19, a lot of businesses have seen their demise where as some others have chosen to use these circumstances to their own advantage and shift their business completely to the digital platform.

Now, the digital marketing industry has been seeing a rise since a few years as a lot of the companies were choosing the digital platform even before the pandemic. The pandemic had only solidified the decision of a lot of companies to shift permanently to the digital platform.

Digital marketing trends post Covid –

Post the pandemic because of Covid19, with the digitalisation of the companies, a lot of new digital marketing strategies have been seen in the industries. Read on to find a few of the new trends in digital marketing post Covid –

  • An Integrated Approach –

Digital Marketing is not a task which can be performed in isolation. Some of the experts suggest that the integrated approach is the better idea which will allow the businessmen to be aware of the always changing behaviour and needs of their consumers. It would help the marketers to understand what their customers want in every step of the way. This will also help them to stay ahead of the game.

The technologies to be used in the post Covid era will need a little rethinking so that they can choose those trends only which allow them to get the maximum results, which can help them save money as well as time.  In the digital marketing industry, there are several marketing technologies which help a lot with the needs of business and are considered as the essential. Industrialists can choose out these necessary trends and ignore the other ones.

There is a traditional structure which has been sued throughout these years to understand the behaviour of the client. The businessman can choose this structure to understand what exactly the customer wants or needs and act accordingly. This is a very useful structure which has been worthy even today.

When you are working with the trends of digital marketing post Covid, you have to consider the fact that a lot of trends have become outdates, so much so that in some cases the consumers don’t even know about the product. This is where ads on social media come in. Add to these the online reviews as well as specifications which give the customers as much information as they need to convince them that they are choosing what they need.

  • Make sure to Focus on the ROI –

The spread of the Corona Virus has brought forth a huge shift in the market. This has brought the industrialists to put more attention in the building of their presence in the online market and also in marketing their business online.

ROI, Also known as the Return of Investment, is what helps in generating the digital channels and tools. These include the programmatic advertising, SEO, conversational marketing and a lot more. These are the tools which would help the businesses to grow in the online market.

  • Outsourcing More Work to India –

The markets are transforming very rapidly and in India as well. The country has a lot of young entrepreneurs who how extreme proficiency in the field of digital optimisation. India has a lot of young talent which hasn’t been tapped in. Among these talents also lies the talents in the field of digital skills which are also cost effective.

Entrepreneurs and digital marketers in India are very likely to witness a lot of incoming requests from the brands from all across the world while they are making their journey of transferring their business to the digital platform.

  • Grouping Together of Small or Medium Companies or Groups –

One of the major trends of digital marketing post Covid When you are planning to go digital with the business, it is important that you consider your plans about a symbiotic partnership with some other brands and companies. There are a lot of advantages that one can enjoy through this, especially in case of small companies, they often face higher demands which they might not be ready to cater to. In this case, combining their business with other small companies gives them the experience of working together, and also the advantage of sharing cost and investing money in the market.

Combining businesses also enables them to get access to a consumer base which is a lot broader and has those specialised needs which some small companies cannot fulfil by themselves. This is said taking into consideration the familiarity of the account user.


The risk of actually going out physically to work in places or in case of the people to go out and buy is too high. That is why people are getting far more entranced by the features of online business and online shopping.

While a lot of companies have been planning this for a long time, it is finally brought into action with the lockdown that has forced people to take into attention the advantages and techniques online business. Here comes the importance and future of digital marketing.


Analysis of the performance of Service-Based Industries employing digital marketing

There are a lot of ways in which digital marketing industry has helped the digitalisation of the businesses post Covid. These trends of digital marketing post Covid has played a huge role in solidifying a place of these industries in the online market. Listed below are a few ways in which the performance of the service based industries has improved after employing the digital marketing trends.

  • They’ve got a direction –

Most of the companies, before they had used any digital marketing, were directionless. The digital marketing industry provides them with a clear strategic goal and helps them to reach the platform which they want to achieve. It helped them with gaining new customers and also in forming a deeper bond with their customers, new ad old. The companies, now that they have a proper goal, now put enough resources into making sure that they reach their goals and also properly evaluate the analytics to confirm that they are actually reaching their goals.

  • The Industries now properly know their market share as well as online audience –

The digital marketing industry helped the service based industries to reach their full potential. It helped them to understand their place in the market. In online businesses, the dynamics are different than the traditional channels. There are so many different kinds of profiles of customers, their behaviours, their propositions, competitions, and also various options for the marketing communications. Trends of digital marketing post Covid provides the industries with the tools that they all need to realise the level of customer demand, some such apps which the industries are now using is Google Keyword Planner to do the search gap analysis. These help the businesses to see what the intentions of the searchers are so that they can now attract them to their website with the things that they need.

  • To Give a proper fight to the other competitors –

With the help of the digital marketing industries, the companies are now using enough resources in order to do proper digital marketing. Before this, the companies were using an ad-hoc approach which didn’t define any clear strategies. This, earlier, enables many competitors to eat up others digital launches. This is now restricted a lot by the digital marketing trends post Covid.

  • The companies how have a powerful online value proposition –

With the help of a clearly defines online value proposition for the customers, are now immensely helping the companies in making sure that they get their old customers to stay loyal them and also add new loyal customers to successfully grow their business. The development of the content market strategy is also a way to success as many companies have successfully gotten a large number of audiences to get their services just by providing them a few contents about their company.

  • A chance to know their online customers as much as they need –

A well-known and repeatedly said fact is that digital medium of businesses is the most measurable medium ever. There are a lot of apps like Google analytics which only tell the companies so little about that they need to do know. These apps only give a number, but these don’t provide the sentiments with which the customers are searching for things, or what they are thinking. With the help of the trends of digital marketing post Covid, there are a lot of website user feedback tools which now gives the business owners a lot of needed information for them to make necessary changes and address the problems.

  • The Companies how have the necessary budget to do necessary tasks –

Earlier the companies didn’t have enough resources that they needed to remain completely devoted to do the necessary tasks for the planning and the execution of the e-marketing. With proper digital marketing industry, the companies now have these advantages to help them grow their business properly and to gain customers.

Predictions based on current trends

The consumer behaviours are constantly changing. There are new technologies and industries which are constantly making an appearance in the market and these constant changes are pretty sure to bring in a change in the digital marketing industry as well. Some of the few predictions about the future based on the current trends of the digital marketing post Covid period are mentioned below –

  • Video content which is consumers can snack on –

There is huge growth of video sharing apps right now. A lot of teenagers and also young adults currently spend a lot of time on these apps. Digital marketers have found a way to use this to their advantage too, by using these apps to get more of their consumers to engage with their content. However, for most of the people using these apps, their attention span is really short. A way for the businessmen to handle this is by using short formats. These formats enable engagement of the customers and a lot of companies such as Lego, Nike etc. has successfully increased consumer activity on their websites.

  • Voice Assistants –

Voice assistants are one such system which has seen a huge up-rise in the industry. If the predictions are right, then by the end of the year 2021, there will be a total of nearly 1.6 billion people will be sing voice assistants on a regular basis. Consumers generally move in favour of a conversational economy, the type in which the voice assistants will play a very important role. These interactions allow the companies to communicate with their consumers properly and also help in giving the customers instant replies and better experiences.

  • Transformation in the Field of Digital Marketing –

Technology has played a huge role in helping the lives of the people nowadays. It has increased the expectation of the people by a tenfold. The key to success in case of any service based company now is the transformation of their digital marketing techniques. Post Covid, the expectation of the people has increased even more from these techniques. One of the predictions of the digital market trends is that the development of the digital maturity framework. With the help of these, these companies the service providing companies can now measure the maturity of their digital marketing.

  • Inclusive Marketing –

What most of the people look for in the companies they want to associate themselves with is the way these companies contribute to the society. Currently, a lot of the companies focus on the various ways with which they can help the climate, sustainability, and other issues such as inclusion, diversity, et cetera. When the consumers get to hear diverse voices from the companies, their attention on a company increases even more. As a result of this, a lot of companies have already contributed their share to the global shift. Some examples are Gillette, Axe, et cetera.

  • Searching Visually –

Images are one of the greatest methods of searching. Google images have played a big role in this. A lot of the consumers are relying blindly on the images when they are searching the internet looking for answers. It is from the images that these people choose what they want. The image search has grown by a 60 per cent just in between the years 2016 to 2018. It is important that the consumers follow the proper combination of the images and texts.

  • The Market will Grow more Data-driven –

It is predicted that the people in the market will turn a lot more towards the automation to deliver results of the business and also towards machine learning. Rule-based marketing is working less and less as every day goes by. The consumers are now expecting the messages to cater to their every single need. Advertiser who use machine learning have gained a lot since they activated their won data, as they now get to control their bidding strategies in more details with the help of their precise models.

  • The campaigns will be led creatively –

One of the first advertisements developed for the TV was that of a repurposed radio ad. Nowadays, once again we saw bigger ads like these, but not for the television, these videos are seen in case of online advertisements. These creative led campaigns actually have a larger chance to make a huge impact. In the present, there will be a lot more focus on the strategies which think creatively, while talking of the consumer insights. When following this approach, the companies will get a much better measurement and also flexibility too, as well as some room for creativity. There are a lot of advertisement campaigns of a few very famous companies if you want to check out some examples of how companies can achieve from this.

Conclusion –

The trends of the digital marketing post Covid has helped a lot in growing the industries. There are also a lot of predictions made from these trends which solidify the fact that the digital marketing industry is here for the long run and is extremely helpful for the other growing industires.





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