How to Improve SEO Using Data Science

 How to Improve SEO Using Data Science



Data Science and Search engine optimization are two different types of scenarios that switch out any correlation. Data Science in amalgam with Artificial intelligence is becoming very popular nowadays and is almost applied to all application fields. As the days are passing by, the Google algorithm is becoming a hard nut to crack. This makes the SEO space highly competitive in the current situation right now, and companies can no longer rely on basic techniques and fundamentals. To understand it more deeply, let us first know what data science is.


What is Data Science?


Data Science; The word itself says that it is a combination of new-age various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles designed to unveil hidden patterns using the raw data. It is excelling in every field. It refers to applying and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data for use in strategy development and improvements. It uses domain expertise, data engineering, advanced computing, visualization and statistics all at the same time to give the best results. It was one of the most searched terms in 2020. It helps us provide crucial insights into our website’s performance, traffic and actions. It also helps us make predictions about upcoming trends and customer behaviour using up-to-date analytics and artificial intelligence. Not only this, but It also allows you to handle voluminous data and helps us make better and beneficial decisions for our website.


How Data Science Can be used in SEO:


If the data is collected through the available information and sorted according to preference, you can easily pull out different methods to showcase your business. Some of them are:


1.   Keyword Prediction:

One of the most prominent uses of Data science used in SEO is its keyword prediction. It helps you find the most relevant keywords and match words to make rank higher. In SEO, keyword searching and its optimized use is one of the main elements in these techniques. It helps you make aware of what customers are searching for. This in-depth query analysis is done, which helps in analyzing your potential customers’ browsing trends and behaviours. If you are partnering for a startup or agency, then you can highlight these keywords, which can get the potential value behind them to be targeted for your client’s website to get the ROI. Keep updating yourself with data science as to how your competitors are working on keywords and what is making them rank higher. And once your target keyword starts ranking, keep going until you get it to the top spot. Do not target as many keywords or overstuff them. The drill is to find the one with high volume and less competition.



2.   Try to Examine User-behaviour:


Seo ranking is a clash between user behaviour metrics and its correlation with statistics; however, there is no such confirmation from the authority side. But we all know to provide a satisfactory experience, Google has to consider these metrics. Some of the renowned specialities have worked on this and found it causing a significant impact. Data science gets involved in all these studies to provide the right numbers to work upon for analysis. Some of the methods that can determine this are: Click-through rate, other search results, search generations, dwell time, bounce rate, time on site, pages per visit, and many more. Let us know how to click through gets affected through this:

  • Click through rate: A click-through is the action of a user clicking on a result page from the search engine results page and being sent to another page for more information. So it can be defined as no. of clicks upon no. of impressions delivered. Data science helps you by collecting data about how many times your page visited and how much the link was used to go to another page for more info.
  • Dwell time: It is time a user stays on your page. Data science helps you Increase user time on a page that may send signals to search engines that the page is of good quality.


3.   Helps you Align Marketing Initiatives:

Data science helps you make your marketing initiative game stronger. You can collaborate with customer support teams, sales .managing committee, UX designers, developer etc., to optimize your ranking factor. It can be used to practise a universal set of SEO best fundamentals, followed by each team to achieve goals. Try relating dependent and independent facts to make sure your growth and ranking. To understand fully how SEO affects your dreams, keep checking top conversion paths and assisted conversions. Also, make your system work efficiently over the understanding of your customer and their demands.Leads will lead to good E-commerce website development.



4.   Helps you Convert High Ranked Posts to Leads:



If you are working for a company that already has a fair amount of organic traffic, then you can convert them to organic leads with the help of data analysis. With your data analytics tools and data science techniques, you can analyze which post works for your website and what can be done to bring the most organic traffic per month. It will help you find the type of content people are looking and liking for. Then there are other factors also contributing to its ranking, be it readability or depth. It provides you with one of the most significant opportunities to convert traffic to valuable leads. You can also opt to use content gates markers, where you give complete access to your content in exchange for their email address and information.

5.   Visualization with Data Science.

Handling large amounts of data is a nightmare. Taking a hierarchical approach for your data can cause you to miss out on a critical hidden between the lines. But through data science techniques like compare and contrasts, processing data with scaling, accelerating knowledge discovery etc. Leverage data science during an SEO technical audit and receive insights about your site’s health, behaviour and performance. Use data to know about ranking, several outbound/inbound links per page, and other factors. Visualizing the site’s internal link structure by figuring out the domain authority of pages on a scale of one to ten allows you to see the areas for improvement and adopt proactive measures to work for betterment.It helps in betterment of you E-commerce Development.



Data science works in eliminating guess issues form SEO. Rather than doing the whole thing, it helps you find ways through analyzing your data as to what will work for you. With data science, we no longer have to feel around in the dark wondering how we will be getting traffic, where our traffic is coming from, or whether we’re getting traffic at all. Data science opens doors for us to marginal pass our imagination to reality.






Description: Data science works in eliminating guess issues form SEO.We can use that to rank ourselves better in the list.



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