How Many Types of SEO Practices Exist in the Digital World?


Before diving into details, let’s get a brief idea as to why SEO practices are exceptionally important in the digital world. This is because it focuses on improving the online presence, traffic and uplifts the ranking of your website ultimately. So, if you have plans of ranking your website, you can get hold of good SEO experts. In fact, there are dedicated SEO experts in Delhi, who can be of great help.

Generally, there are 3 types of SEO practices which prevail.

  • WHITE HAT and



The Black Hat SEO includes the practices that target at finding the shortcomings in Google’s algorithms in order to rank higher in the result pages of the search engine. However, these are against the guidelines provided by Google and its algorithms. Hence, practices under the label of Black Hat SEO are said to be illegitimate.


The most commonly seen Black Hat SEO techniques are spam links, cloaking, keyword stuffing, hidden text and hidden links. These practices often mislead the users and redirect to the sites, they didn’t vouch for. Also, the traffic which these practices generate are neither long-lasting nor do the rankings manage to maintain their position on the search engine. The conclusion is quite obvious that the Black Hat SEO techniques are quite short-lived.



As the name suggests, White Hat SEO is one of the most legitimate practices that marketers practice to gain higher rankings in the result pages of search engines. This practice rigidly abides by Google’s guidelines for SEO. It is wholesome in its approach because it follows the algorithms of Google and never aims at exploiting the loopholes.


The White Hat SEO technique which is known to be most commonly used technique are publishing quality content on the website, HTML optimization and restructuring of website, link acquisition campaigns held by quality content including manual research and outreach. Perhaps, the practised falling under the White Hat SEO techniques yield slower results but the ones are driven, are way more lasting in their approach.




As Freelancer SEO Experts in Delhi explains, Black Hat and White Hat SEO apart, there exists another technique, the Gray Hat SEO, including bits and pieces from both Black Hat and White Hat SEO. It mainly came to power because of the constant pressure from the clients for results for what they have been paying for.


A proper understanding and knowledge of this particular type of SEO are quite necessary as it could improve the site’s ranking without any dark consequence. The practices and conditions by Google have the ability to ban clever innovation and thinking outside the box. This prohibition isn’t in the interests of marketers or even the searchers themselves. This particular SEO practice has periodical changes – what is considered as Gray Hat now, could be considered as Black or White Hat the coming year, making it vital for search marketers to stay informed and updated.


Other types of SEO practices do prevail and I would definitely mention them for better guidance. Some of them are –



In the case of Technical SEO, are the technical parameters affecting the visibility of a website, its main goal is to ensure that the search engine users can crawl and index a website without much problem. Check, add and verify your website with Google Search Console and specify your preferred domain. Follow SEO friendly web design.


On-Page SEO deals with the page itself and tries to make it friendlier to users. One thing is to be noted that, while search engines consider a website as a whole, ranking is performed on a daily basis. It is very important to keep an eye on the optimization of and each and every page on your respective website.


Content SEO is totally a subset of on-page SEO. It is all about the content’s quality and how to improvise on it. As this is a very essential SEO success factor, it is considered by many as among the types of SEO. In many instances though, one can find content guidelines under on-page SEO, which isn’t an incorrect approach. The winning combination is the publishing of superb content that users love and search engines can understand.


Off-page SEO deals with promotion. While the other SEO types concentrate more on the web infrastructure and content, off-page SEO concentrates more on the techniques one can use for the promotion of his or her website on the internet. As it is known, popular websites have more chances of ranking higher in Google than the unpopular ones.


Local SEO is suitable for local businesses exactly. To cut it short, if you possess a website and your aim is to gather clients visiting your local store, then you must optimize your website for local SEO. Just add the local business schema on your homepage, create a Google My Business Account, register your business with reliable directories and promote your website on local websites and directories.


Mobile SEO is once again one of its kind and a subset of SEO specific for mobile devices. It is an undeniable fact that 80% of the Google searches are now done on mobile devices, which a good thing as it shows that the internet is advancing and moving on from the monotonous desktop to mobile devices. This is a huge reason as to why Google created a mobile-first index. It should be mentioned that not everyone can make the website optimized for mobiles, only some dedicated SEO experts in Delhi can.


eCommerce SEO is a wide industry. When it comes to the optimization of the search engine, it is way more complicated to optimize an eCommerce website rather than working on a blog or a corporate website.

Hope this article is helpful enough for beginners. In case you are from Delhi and are thinking of working on your own blogs or thinking of ranking your website higher in Google for establishing your business or anything as per your concern, you can always contact and get the guidance of a freelancer SEO expert in Delhi. Since there are plenty of them, you need not worry.