Free Tools for a perfect Website Analysis of your Business Website




Ever Wondered how to analyze your website? What are the tools which you can use for doing a complete Website Analysis from search engines perspective like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.? If you are looking for answers to these questions, don’t worry, this article will give you best Free Website Analysis tools for perfectly analyzing your website and improving the same.


Free Website Analysis Tools:


1.) SEO Site Checkup –

SEO Site Checkup is a strategic tool that analyzes SEO metrics of your website.


2.) HubSpot’s Website Grader –

Husbspot website grader helps businesses uncover search engine optimization opportunities. It generates personalized Website Analysis reports based on your websites performance, mobile responsiveness, SEO and Security A nice tool to work with !!!


3.) WooRank –

WooRank is another very good Website Analysis tool giving you a complete overall performance review of your website with recommendations to fix the same.  WooRank provides Website Analysis report for SEO, Mobile, Usability, Technologies, Social, Local, Visitors etc.


4.) Site Auditor –

Site Auditor analyzes your website and provides Website Analysis reports in following sections: Visibility, Meta, Content, Links, Images, Semantics, Desktop Page Speed, Mobile Page Speed and Crawl Compression.


5.) Site Analyzer –

Site Analyzer is another very good website and SEO analysis tools that provides you reports in terms of Website Accessibility, Design, Text, Multimedia, and Networsing of your website


6.) SEO Workers –

SEO Workers is a Search Engine Optimization Website Analysis tool which inspects your website from a SEO perspective.


7.) Lipperhey –

Lipperhey tool provides SEO Website Analysis report which covers Visitors, Indeaxbility, Hosting, Design and On page SEO of your website.


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