Exploring Miley Cyrus’s Love Life

Miley Cyrus’s Love Life


Miley Cyrus is a household name around the world. From being one of the most popular tweens in the world to an out of control adolescent who could not be tamed, Miley has built a career that many will never accomplish in their entire lifetime.


But just because you have a fairy tale career does not mean that your love life will be the same. From the young age of 12 years old, Miley’s private life became a very public affair—with each of her romances coming under the spotlight for the world to either cheer on or scrutinize. 

We’ll break down Miley’s love life and answer the ever so popular question of–who did Miley Cyrus marry?



  • Tween romance


At the young age of 12, Miley Cyrus was thrust into stardom on the hit television series Hannah Montana. This was also the first time she had to navigate her way through being in a public relationship with tween heartthrob Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. It was also during her early teen years that Miley realized she likes both men and women. 



  • Young love


When Miley was at the later of her teenage years, she was at an important pivotal moment of her identity—transitioning out of her Disney persona to a more edgy truer self. Miley met Liam Hemsworth on the set of the movie The Last Song, in which the two actors played characters who fell into a dramatic romance. As filming wrapped up, the romance between the two was not solely on the screen any longer. And by 2010, when the movie made its debut premiere, Liam and Miley also debuted their real life romance on the red carpet. 



  • A turbulent love story


When Liam and Miley began their relationship, both of their careers were also skyrocketing. A year after going public with their romance, Liam landed his biggest role to date starting in the Hunger Games, while Miley officially bid farewell to Hannah Montana and broke out as an eager solo performing artist. The two stood the test of a Hollywood relationship better than most, getting engaged in 2012, but with no set wedding plans. Their engagement faced some testing times, as Miley was working hard to change her public identity—which was inevitably too much for Liam to keep up with. But the end of 2013 the duo officially called it quits on their relationship. 



  • Going their separate ways


For two years there seemed to be no hope in Miley and Liam rekindling their love story. Miley was busy balancing dating Patrick Schwarzenegger and exploring her sexuality with supermodel Stella Maxwell, while Liam was focusing on his acting career. But by the end of 2016, these two lovebirds found their way back together again, with Miley beginning to wear the engagement ring Liam gave her once again. 



  • A short happily ever after


Even though the duo had rekindled, there were still the fair amount of hardships Miley and Liam had to navigate their way through. These hardships are said to be the inspiration behind Miley’s hit song “Malibu”, where the two had bought a house together and looked after a large number of adopted pets. But after the devastating California fires at the end of 2017, Miley and Liam decided to tie the knot at the start of 2018. 


  • The end of an era


After nearly a decade of Miley and Liam’s epic love story, the two officially called it quits as 2019 came to an end. By the start of 2020, the duo had officially filed for divorce and sold their shared home. 


While it is unfortunate that their love story did not last forever, the decade of on and off again romance between Miley and Liam is enough drama to last a lifetime!