Ecommerce Photos: How to Take Professional Product Photos for Your Online Catalog

Ecommerce Photos: How to Take Professional Product Photos for Your Online Catalog


Anyone who sells online knows: product photos are what really grab customers’ attention. For this, learning how to take professional e-commerce photos is essential for success.


Online purchases continue to increase and the e-commerce world becomes more competitive every day. In fact, to be successful with an online store it is essential to know how to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering quality and attractive products.


When it comes to selling online, product images are what grabs customers’ attention at first sight. In fact, the photo is the most important part of the product sheet: a   well-taken eCommerce photo is the first step towards selling.


Let’s find out how to take professional product photos for your e-commerce to convince customers during the purchase process and increase sales.


How to take photos for e-commerce: 10 useful tips

Here’s how to take professional photos of your e-commerce products to create an attractive catalog:


Take only high-quality photos

The first step to posting eye-catching eCommerce photos is to take quality photos. In fact, it is true that product photos can be taken with a smartphone, but the lens and sensor of a phone can hardly match those of a  camera.


For this reason, especially for those who already own a camera (even non-professional ones), it is recommended to use it. In fact, the machine is equipped with automatic settings capable of optimizing the rendering of the photo in any lighting. On the contrary, those who do not have a car will not necessarily have to invest to buy it: it is possible to take quality photos with the smartphone, but it is essential to pay close attention to the framing and lighting of the products.


Help yourself with a tripod

How to take photos of yourself? The first rule is to avoid posting blurry photos. In fact, a blurry eCommerce photo is synonymous with a lack of clarity and poor quality. For this reason, both for those who take pictures with the camera and for those who use the smartphone, it is always recommended to have a tripod.


A tripod is a tool that allows you to avoid any blur: the photo is taken automatically by a car or a smartphone resting on the support. There are professional tripods for cameras and less expensive tripods specially created to take sharp and well-defined photos even with smartphones.


Always use a neutral background

To take photos for a professional e-commerce site it is essential to think about the background as well. In fact, the background of the image must not be confused and must not attract attention: for a professional photo you need a  clean, clear background able to fully stand out the product on sale.


The best choice is always to use a  white background with clear light: in this way, the product will stand out completely and the customer will not distract attention from what really has to convince him to complete the purchase.


Photograph the product from multiple perspectives

When the customer visits your e-commerce he wants to know all the details of the products on sale. In fact, it is essential to know how to recreate a shopping experience similar to the in-store one, even online: the customer must be able to look at the product from all perspectives, know its details and examine every detail.


For this reason, it is important to add as many photos as possible to the product sheets as possible taken from different angles: in this way, customers will be able to have the sensation of touching the objects before buying them, just as if they were inside the store.


Furthermore, for more particular and expensive products (for example Bluetooth headphones, smartphones, etc.) it is recommended to insert mini-videos within the e-commerce pages that show not only the characteristics of the product but also the methods of use.


Don’t place too many products in one shot

When it comes to e-commerce photos, the idea is to shoot the products alone and not in groups. In other words, the customer will be able to better view a product when it is represented individually in a photo.


This is why it is always not recommended to take pictures with a large number of products:  each object must be photographed individually in order to show the customer all its details and characteristics.


Take a picture for each color variation

Just as it is important to show each product from multiple perspectives, it is also essential to photograph it in all its color versions. In fact, it is not enough to add a single photo to the product sheet with a single color variant: customers, as when they are inside the store, must be able to view all the available colors in detail and be able to understand which is the best. for their needs.


Focus on the details

As in any situation, even in the world of online shopping, the details make the difference. In fact, one of the most effective tips to increase distance sales is to describe the product in detail: not only with words, especially with images.


Carefully describing the materials used, the color variations and the small details of the product is a fundamental action to attract the attention of customers. For this reason, it is always recommended to insert the “zoom” function inside each image: in this way users can see the product more closely, just as if they were near the shelves of a store.


Think about perfect lighting

Just like in window dressing , even when it comes to how to photograph objects for sale, lighting is a factor that can make a difference. There are those who prefer natural light and those who decide to rely on artificial lights: what is important is to maintain a clear and sharp line.


In other words, if the products present in your e-commerce have been photographed with indoor lights it is important to continue using this technique, if instead they have been photographed with natural light it is essential to recreate the same effects by continuing to use this light.


The brightness must not be too high or too low: it is important to find the right compromise that can best enhance the characteristics of all products.


Consider using a lightbox

Especially for those who choose to photograph products with studio lights, the idea of using a lightbox could prove successful. The lightbox is a white cloth cube designed for taking pictures with diffuse lighting from all angles. In other words, using a lightbox allows you to take professional photos with no shadows.


Help yourself with editing software to optimize photos for the web

To make professional images suitable for the web, it is always recommended to rely on editing software. In fact, after taking the photos, you can edit and retouch them to make them perfect and save them in a format specially designed to avoid losing quality online.


One of the most used software is Photoshop, but there are also numerous valid open-source alternatives for those who do not want to invest in purchasing the Adobe package.




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