Digital Marketing Trends Industry Experts Expect in 2016

Based on the stats and factual information on the performance of Digital Marketing in the year passing by, following are the trends that the online marketers are most likely going to witness in the year 2016.  With 2016 just round the corner, it’s time for marketers and industry leaders to look forward to what lies ahead in Digital Marketing. In the same context, we captured the thoughts on Digital Marketing Trends in 2016. Enlisted below are the Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends that Industry Experts visualize in 2016:


  • 80% to 20% traffic split between mobile and desktop.
  • Death of WAP and 100% growth of mobile app.
  • More focus on user retention rather than customer acquisition.
  • Paid Social Marketing – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will become costly and the organic reach will become less efficient.
  • Paid influencer Marketing – It has just started and will become most important in the next 2 years.
  • Video Marketing. This is happening now and will grow in good numbers in 2016.
  • User Content Review – Any brand content having genuine user review will have more reach then branded content. From online reviews, to social media posts and blogs, the need of genuine user review will rise and will also keep brand on their toes to create positive impact about their product among the consumers.
  • From Search perspective, “Web of Apps” initiative by Google could be a game changer where apps will be indexed like a normal website, hence cutting down the need for installing multiple apps on a mobile device. 2016 will see a bigger pie of media ad spends and a continued shift towards mobile internet usage.
  • Performance Marketing – Due to the power that the digital medium provides of tracking, more & more brands are moving towards ROI-based campaigns. Brands are now shifting their focus on achieving their business objectives through digital medium. In fact, a lot of brands are using offline medium to build awareness for the brand & run a parallel digital campaign to acquire customers through engagement driven campaigns. Digital medium allows brands to track users to the minutest of detail. Delivering right message at the right time allows them to acquire customers at a cheaper cost.
  • The spends on digital marketing will surely increase in the future. This spend will not increase at the cost of spends on conventional marketing but will be net new spend. Newer ways to target and reach the customers are going to come up.
  • Video ads will start dominating
  • App indexing will lead to an explosion of apps.
  • Mobile will completely dominate desktop
  • Digital assistants will lead to a new kind of optimization.
  • Virtual reality will emerge.


These aren’t the only trends we’ll see in 2016, but they are the ones poised to have the biggest impact. As the old saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm.” Companies should think about how they can integrate these trends into their marketing strategies now, as opposed to halfway through 2016.