You’ll find some new ads every time you open your Instagram. Ever wonder how these ads are exactly what you were looking for? All these ads associate with what you search for in google. Even when you move to your explore section, you see thousands of related posts that interest you, don’t you? Well yes. But, how is it attainable?

This story is not limited to Instagram but pretty much every social media platform existing on earth today. If you are wondering how this is happening, you are probably somebody who’s unaware of the stepping in of AI (Artificial Intelligence) into the sphere of social media. Social media platforms nowadays are thinking, working, and acting rationally like humans. For social media marketing I will suggest you to hire marketing agencies such as walnut Folks. They will help to grow your businesses through social media platforms.

The changes in social media are ample with advancements in the field of artificial intelligence. AI also has the ability to influence our thoughts, views, and expressions besides the graphics that we see.

In modern times, people of different ages like kids, teens, and adults use the oh-so-popular social media. Different people engage in social networking for different purposes. Some use it to look at websites, posts, or memes, some for self-promotion or advertising while some for just browsing and scrolling through pages. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand the benefits of AI in order to comprehend how social media marketing is changing through AI.



Enhancing User Experience 

Social media marketers get closer to their audience/followers and understand their preferences with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It helps them to create content in a better way as well as target their ads.

Measuring Performance

Social media marketers can analyze and track their every move with the help of Artificial Intelligence tools. This enables them to track user engagement and the performance of an ad on social media platforms and can help them get some amazing insights about the content they post.

Thanks to artificial intelligence many websites can get clear insights about their consumers and their choices. Many websites now support a chatbot feature that has the potential to converse with other bots and even humans capably.  In addition to this, Automation has made things easier for content creators and businesses on social media.

No matter how good or technologically advanced a thing can be, we cannot overlook the fact that excess of anything is bad! Content may often get over-personalized because of getting too much into the personal space of your audience. With the help of AI, we can know everything about your users right from their search patterns to the purchase history of your audience. Therefore, the overuse of AI may prove out to be problematic.


Let us now dig deeper into reality and look at what’s happening when social media and AI come face to face at present. We’ll discuss with you the three major social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Facebook and artificial intelligence

Facebook is loaded with data. Millions of photos are posted on Facebook every day. However, the platform is still dominated by text-based posts. Facebook is making use of this data to generate buying suggestions for people. It has also built its own neural network which both decides and analyzes the conversations happening on Facebook.

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Another major win for Facebook and AI is its facial recognition. People get tag suggestions because of their face recognition. This can be a good way for businesses to connect with customers. For instance, a marketing campaign by a restaurant or a clothing brand suggests that if people can recognize their faces with the business, they will win prizes. It is an amazing way to gain publicity and recognition.

Now you are already aware of selected advertising. You can see personalized ads on your devices and it is all possible only because of Artificial Intelligence that studies and analyses your search patterns, buying patterns, and your complete online presence.

Instagram and artificial intelligence

As you have already gone through an insight at the beginning of how Instagram and Artificial Intelligence are enhancing the user experience together. The foremost one is on its explore page. The explore page picks up popular stories and posts around the globe. This means that marketers can reach a wider audience if they use trending hashtags.

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Another striking feature of Instagram is a value-based news feed. When Instagram rolled out the chronological order news feed, many of its users were disappointed. However now we enjoy getting those posts on our feed that excites us. Based on users’ preferences Instagram optimizes the news feed for them. This means that social media marketers can reach their audience in a much faster way.


After reading the news about the constant bullying of teenagers on Instagram our heads shook in terror. A great initiative was taken by the platform owners though. DeepText AI is a smart algorithm that is used to remove anything that is unwanted, against the community guidelines of Instagram or spam.

Based on thousands of Instagram users who reported spam content to them their team classified the comments on the platform as spam or not spam. For marketers, this is again a boon as they can keep away from spam accounts and allow genuine users to find them.


Pinterest and artificial intelligence

If we focus on the numbers, Pinterest is a huge community with millions of active users. The tally of Pinterest pins on the platform are in billions. It has also been found that most of the users purchase because of the personalized content they find on Pinterest which means the platform is doing a great job.

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PinSage is based on neural networking wherein the deep learning algorithm of Pinterest can find out the platform attached to an image that is attached to a neural network based on a theme.

For example, if you search for ‘shake recipes’ on Pinterest, you will get all the images that relate to this theme. You will get comprehensive information about shakes like Keto shakes, morning shakes, shakes for weighing, loss, and whatnot! With those search results, you can plan your entire week’s recipe. For marketers, this is tremendously good as they get a better chance to rank in the results. PinSage has also enhanced engagement and activity among users.

PinterestLens is another amazing feature. When you click a picture through PinterestLens, from its colors to its shape and visual patterns it decides everything. It shows the related results to users based on that information.

Social Management with Machines

Marketers spend plenty of their time creating content for social media distribution, then managing distribution and engagement across channels. As a subset of AI, machine learning (ML) is a real concept driving modern AI forward. Machine learning exists to form predictions about future outcomes that are based on historical data and gets smarter as new data becomes available. Leveraging insight collected from user data, machine learning can auto-generate social media content across multiple channels and go to a point wherein it automatically includes hashtags and shortened links.

Listen for Insight and React

You can use a variety of AI-powered tools that are available for free to help your brand in obtaining customer insights from the activities conducted on social media platforms. When integrated with the right AI platform, customer data insight allows companies to pay attention to consumers, track brand reputation, and explore emerging trends and new audiences to focus on. This often involves using the ability of AI for analysing social media posts at scale. Providing an understanding of what customers are saying, AI can help marketers determine the best way to use this information to drive engagement and identify new promotion avenues. Customer insight available through AI can even alert marketers about what content is the most appropriate, when is the best time to post, and the amount that you must spend on boosting content to earn the most effective results.

Streamline Communication with Chatbots

Consumers today live in a world full of instant gratification and immediate access to information. A large chunk of a customer’s day can be wasted waiting for a business to answer questions. Companies can leverage a valuable tool called chatbots, rather than putting customers through 30 minutes of on-hold tunes or waiting for a call back. Chatbots are nothing but pieces of software that conduct conversations via auditory or textual methods. They facilitate communication between consumers and businesses both online and offline. Chatbots save time and enhance the overall customer experience as they are programmed to respond immediately.

Be Proactive with Emotion AI

The power of social media gives a platform to everyone to let their voice and opinion be heard, and more often than not, it is negative. Sentiment analysis, also referred to as emotion AI, uses natural language processing (NLP) to spot positive and negative words in posts and comments on social media. Companies can detect negative words across tweets and other social posts to get an understanding of how customers feel toward their brand, with the help of sentiment analysis. Businesses can proactively reach out and respond to customer complaints in a timely and impactful way, using this information.

Here are a few website that use AI which acts as an effective tool at various platforms:





Thus, AI can be a friend or a foe and it completely depends upon how effectively you can use it to your benefit. It can help you to collect some better quality of data and at the same time offer you some valuable insights on the same. At the end of the day, all of this is going to help you in enhancing your marketing campaigns and making better decisions for your brand.