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Online business building requires step-by-step procedures to be undertaken. One of these steps is through blogging. Whether you are just starting an online business or you have a brick and mortar business and you want to move your business online, blogging can be a huge help in your marketing and in attracting more visitors. According to Hub spot, companies or businesses that use blogs get fifty-five percent more website visitors than those that don’t. I have listed down some benefits of blogging that can encourage you to start your own blog right now!


  1. Builds Credibility


Your blog posts and articles can be sources of relevant and timely information for those in your industry or target market. By posting regularly on your blog, you will gradually build your credibility and authority that could lead you to become the go-to-person in your area of expertise.


  1. Provides Greater Visibility


If you have a blog, your name, domain name, and blog will appear on the search engines. The more effort you put into your online marketing strategies, the more visible you will be to your target audience. For starting a blog you need a web host that will provide a space to start your website. Here is the list of web hosting providers that you can choose from.


  1. Enforces Brand Establishment


When you create a blog, you have to create it in such a way that could facilitate building your brand. This comes in the form of having the most important elements present in your blog. One element is having your name and your photo on the homepage of the blog. This allows your visitors and readers to connect with you immediately. If you have video or audio on the blog, this will even be better for your visitors to get to know you as a real person. You may also extend your brand building by using similar photos, colors, and distinguishing marks as you spread your brand on social networks and the media.


  1. Creates Traffic


If customers or your target clients are not able to find you in your usual physical business location, there is a chance that they will find you in the search engines faster. And when they visit your blog, you expose your business to those people who would never have found you. You can build your traffic or visitors to your site by implementing free and paid marketing strategies.


  1. Builds List


One requirement for a successful blog is to have an opt-in box. When your blog visitors are on your page and they like what you have there, they will give you their names and email addresses. An opt-in page or a squeeze page is also a huge help in building your list. The more people subscribe, the bigger your list will be. All those people who visit your site have their own needs. So, if you are able to give a solution to their needs, they will keep on coming back to your site to purchase what you are offering them. Consequently, the more people on your list, the more sales you create and the more online income you build. Here is a detailed comparison of the best web hosting providers in the market – Bluehost vs Hostinger.


  1. Enhances Reputation


Once you have grown and matured in your blogging skills, your reputation as an expert in that field will also improve. The more positive blogging activities you engage in, the better your reputation is enhanced. You just need to be conscious always of what your online activities generate in order not to jeopardize the reputation you created.


  1. Leads to the Discovery of Ideal Clients

When clients search through the internet, those businesses with blogs appear faster on the organic listings of the search engines. Once your blog visitors discover a solution to their needs, they will keep coming back and buy your solutions or products that will solve their problems.


  1. Increases Customer Numbers


The easier it is for your prospective clients and customers to find you, the better your chances are in increasing your customer base. As a business owner, your priority is always creating more leads that will ultimately become your customers. By blogging, you have another avenue to attract prospective clients and customers to your business.


  1. Inspires Thought Leadership in your Industry


Through a blog, you are able to write down and spread your message, ideas, thoughts, and new discoveries which could lead to the creation of new trends or standards in your industry.




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