All About Local SEO – Search Engine Optimization

In case you have a physical location for your business, Local SEO is the best for you.


local-seo-businessBut question may still come to your mind:

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is nothing but simply optimizing your website / business listings in order to show up for local search queries performed by your customers or prospects. In other words it shows up your business listings at any location where your prospective customers may be looking for you.  It basically provides information about your business which is relevant and useful to the end user who has performed the local query search.


But why is Local SEO Important?

  • Local SEO is important because:
  • Local customers are searching for your business and if you have not optimized your website or business listings for a Local SEO, customers may never come to know about your business product or service.
  • Local SEO is free.
  • Conversion rates for Local SEO are high as it is highly likely that your potential customers would be making a purchase from you.
  • Local SEO is a highly targeted niche which promotes your business product / service to those potential customers at that very important moment, when they are performing a local business search on Google.


So, how do you start or Plan your Local SEO Campaign?

Local SEO Campaign requires proper strategic planning with consistent business information about your business across online web directories, local place listings, etc.  An enhanced and effective Local SEO Business Listings will require the following:

  • Create a Google My Business Listings Page.
  • Make sure that your NAP information i.e. Name, Address and Phone number of your business is consistent across all online places wherever you wish to list your business.
  • You need to get listed on all relevant local directories that are relevant to your business location.
  • Ask your customers to provide positive reviews about your business products or services.
  • Include relevant Local Business Content on your website in order to appear for local search results.
  • Apart from Google, make sure you list your local business listings on other search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • Have local keywords included in your website content.


Local SEO is nothing but making sure that you have your business presence everywhere wherever your potential customers or intended customers may be looking out for your business product or service.

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