8 Effective Ecommerce Customer Retention Strategies

Effective Communication Strategies


We all are aware of the fact that for any ecommerce business it is essential to bring in new customers. In order to make consumers buy again and again from your online store you need to follow some strategies of customer retention. If you want to get success in the long-term then it is very essential to retain customers. For increasing profitability and revenue of your online store, it is important for you to follow a solid retention strategy for the new customers that visit your ecommerce shop daily. Now I am going to describe about 8 effective ecommerce customer retention strategies.

  1. Creating a campaign of SMS marketing – For connecting with consumers the use of SMS marketing has become more acceptable. It has been used by some companies whose percentage among all companies is 15 % or less than this. There are 98 % open rates for text messages. If you will adopt this strategy then you can give tough competition to others. For driving consumers to your site, you can start a campaign of text messages by using the tools of digital marketing in the right way. Now by offering a discount and SMS shortcode in your email you can initiate sending it and can give your campaign a good start.
  2. Starting a customer loyalty program – Some strategies of customer retention that are effective are reward programs and customer loyalty programs. By offering discounts and cashback to consumers they provide value to them. For encouraging them to spend further on the services and items offered by your company you can include reward tiers. It has been found that the reward programs or loyalty programs started by any company are preferred by 75 % of consumers.
  3. Crafting a very good strategy of social media marketing – For connecting with the existing and new customers in a smart way you can use social media. If you are interested in reaching the consumers in a diverse manner then you can use a number of platforms of social media. Suppose you want to engage with the followers and start conversation with them, then creating brand culture and sharing new products by making the use of social media will be a good idea. The social media platforms that are most popular are YouTube and Facebook. Among the grown up or mature people of America, the percentage of individuals that use YouTube is 73 % and the percentage of individuals who use Facebook is 68 %.
  4. Optimizing the digital marketing campaigns – We all know that a digital marketing campaign can be effective if we implement the strategies of customer retention. For reaching the right audience, optimization of all the channels of marketing will be a good idea. In this way you can get success in your marketing efforts. If you will create a mobile-friendly campaign then it is a very good way to perform optimization.
  5. Giving top priority to customer service and experience – The customer retention strategy’s primary focus needs to be providing good customer value. For giving good customer experience, the improvement strategies and account updates can help a lot. Because of these the consumers will take interest in your company and will make more investment in its items and services.
  6. Incorporating promotional offers in your email campaigns – If you will include discount codes and promotional offers in your company’s items then the consumers will take interest in these. You have to present these in the form of an exclusive offer in front of the consumers. Just convince the consumers to make a purchase before the offer expires. After receiving the digital coupons, a large number of people use these under 6 or 7 days and the percentage of these kinds of people among all is 82 %.
  7. Using personalization for the purpose of improving marketing campaigns – A very good marketing tactic is personalization. If you want to create an effective email campaign, then you can include the consumer’s name in it. In the process of list segmentation, you can get a lot of help from personalization. The sales can increase by 20 % and open rate can increase by 26 % by including personalization in your email campaign.
  8. Use tools for connecting with customers – For increasing brand loyalty a very important way is effective communication. If the consumers will receive social media invites, surveys and text messages from you then it will encourage communication between you and your customers. Chat or phone are some other ways by which the consumers will get ready to visit your company. Your followers count can increase if in the email campaigns and in the website, you include social media icons. For improving the end user support, using a chatbot in your site will be a good idea.

If you want to run digital marketing campaigns on a number of channels then it will be good for you to take help from digital marketing experts.