12 Excellent Customer Retention Examples from Top Brands

12 Excellent Customer Retention Examples from Top Brands



Customers are the most important component of a business. Although it is important for the people to take the steps which are aimed at the retention and gaining of new customers, it would be a foolish thing to avoid the already existing customers. So, here are some examples which you can follow to make sure that your strategies are powerful enough to retain the old customers.


What is customer retention and why is it important?


Customer retention is one of the most important things to do for your business as it would take some less investment and effort rather than investing a hefty sum of money for gaining new customers. Here is why old customers are better to retain:


  • You don’t need to make a heavy investment of a hefty sum that you are doing to get new customers. You can do it all with the help of minimalist efforts and investments in the case of the old customers who have been already connected with your customers and business. Also, you won’t need to take the attention of the new customers and people.
  • You can gain all the advantages in comparatively less efforts and business tactics that you would have gained in the case of new customers. Thus, it is always better to take care of the needs and requirements of the old customers rather than just rushing to gain new ones who are not sure if they would stay in your business or not. You need to make sure that you are in touch with the old ones and not only focussing on the gaining of the new ones. One needs to make sure that old customers are still in touch for the effective implementation of the strategies and tactics.


Examples of customer retention with the mention of reputed brands

There are some brands which have owned and implemented effective tactics for the development of their business and succeeded in the development of their business by the help of those tricks. Here are the examples and mentions of the brands which have done it all.


  • Share the brand story and mission as done in the case of Bombas. It means tha you need to share the reason and examples why your brand is worth loving and taking services from it.
  • Share the news of the company change just as in the case of Buffer. This would promote the events ongoing in the industry for the awareness of your company in the eyes of many people who may turn out be your potential customers in the long run.
  • Educating and helping as Canva has done. It is an application which provides the people facilities of creating posts, creating animations, and sharing many other formats of the posts in various formats as per the needs and requirements.
  • Utilize target and personalization for the attention grabbing and high-results yielding capabilities as in the case of a reputed brand like CVS Pharmacy. This is important to ensure that you are actually able to take into consideration the needs and feedback of the customers of your brand and business.
  • Follow up after the purchases so that your customers never feel that you are only interested in selling your self services and getting revenue. Rather, your customers must feel that you are interested in making their lives better in addition to making revenue. One of the brands is Ring.
  • Suggest the recommendations after taking a note of the things that they are searching and are buying on various platforms. This would make your business go longer as people would learn about the best aspects of your business and services. In this way, people would trust your brand more and more and would be inspired to come to your services and facilities.
  • Introduce rewards as done in the case of This promotes the need for the effective implementation of rewards programs in the case of rewards as done by the people in the case of Starbucks brand. Your customer would like it if you provide them with rewards more often and result in the high-end success of your brand and business.


There are many more brands which have made their way to success with the help of many such tricks. However, it is dependent on your needs and requirements for the effective implementation of those strategies and successful reach of your brand and business in the competitive market.




These are some of the examples which can explain the ways for the better management of the old customers and their relation. Although the need for new customers cannot be ruled out, it is also important to take the old customers seriously. You can always make use of the strategies mentioned in this write-up for success and also take the help of the reliable digital marketing services for long-term success.