Why My Business Needs Digital Marketing?

Need for Digital Marketing


Many a times you would have asked this question… Why my Business Needs Digital Marketing? Why should I invest in Digital Marketing? What all benefits will Digital Marketing give me? What if I don’t invest or do Digital Marketing?

The answer is: If you don’t integrate or use Digital Marketing for your business, you are probably missing put on huge potential customers. You are losing out on better ROI, Leads and Profits. In the next 4-5 years, everything will be available online and if you are not selling or are listed online, you will lose out badly to your competitors. Let’s have a look at below mentioned 10 reasons, as to “Why does your Business need Digital Marketing?”


1.)  Level Playing Field.

Digital Marketing will help your business to target or reach out to those audiences or customers who were previously only available to large businesses or your competitors.


2.) Cost Effective

Unless you have huge marketing budget which is required for Traditional Marketing, you cannot market your products or services. Digital Marketing on other hand is the most cost effective way of marketing your products or services because of its ability to target niche customers or your target audience. You don’t need huge budgets in place. In fact as per Gartners Digital Marketing Spent report, “40% of businesses have achieved better savings and increased ROI by spending on Digital Marketing for their businesses.”


3.) Better conversions.

Digital Marketing helps you to target specific customers related to your business product or service. You can further nurture these group of customers through content (educating them about your services or products) and running personalised Email Campaigns. This ability to target exact audience, drives in better conversions as compared to traditional marketing.


4.) Better interaction with audience.

Digital Marketing helps you in connecting with each of your individual customer resulting in strong and deeper connections. A channel like Social Media Marketing provides you and your customers an opportunity to be in touch and interact at every level, thus breaking down a lot of formal business barriers between you and your customers. This in turn increases customer retention.


5.) Better reach to Mobile Consumer.

Nowadays, most of the customers are on Mobile. In fact research shows that people using internet on mobile phones have taken over desktop and laptop users. By using mobile platforms such as Social Media, Mobile apps, Mobile Email Marketing campaigns etc. Digital Marketing will help you in reaching to widest of the widest people on mobile.


6.) Building Brand Reputation

Using Digital Marketing Channels like Social Media Marketing helps your business in building a stronger and reputable brand online wherein customers can post positive comments, experience, reviews etc. about your business products or services which can be seen by many people. Plus having your own business website helps you to showcase your industry experience and expertise in a very professional manner.


7.) Measuring Results – Very Easy

Tools like Google Analytics, helps in easy measurement of all your Digital Marketing activities such as from where the traffic has come (i.e. Traffic Sources), Leads through Landing pages, How many people visited your website, bounce rate etc. This helps you to identify most profitable traffic and lead generation sources and thus make informed changes on your website or digital marketing campaign you are running.


8.) Digital Marketing for your Business – Future Proof.

Whether you agree or no – Digital Marketing is the future for all types of businesses. Nowadays, more and more businesses are shifting and rapidly adopting Digital Marketing for marketing their products and services to increase their online presence. So the quicker you adopt Digital Marketing for your business, faster you will benefit.


9.) Streamlining your Business

By using Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation tools, you can integrate all your business software’s to work together in parallel with digital marketing, thus cutting down on manual data entry and costs. You can integrate your website or Digital Marketing campaigns using APIs with your accounting or sales software’s, thus making your business run more efficiently.


10.) Earning Customers Trust

Digital Marketing will help you in getting testimonials from your customers who has used your products or services thus leveraging social proof. You gain more trusts with more testimonials and more reviews through polls, which makes your business more trustworthy.

To conclude, Digital Marketing is something which every business has to adopt and embrace with open hands. It gives you excellent opportunity to reach millions and billions of users, and customers worldwide, effectively informing and persuading your target audience all before they have even visited your store or spoken to you.

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