Inbound Marketing Tools Guide – Generate Results From New Marketing Style

inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is promoting a company through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, enewsletters, whitepapers, SEO, physical products, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing which serve to attract customers through the different stages of the purchase funnel.


Tools to Identify Inbound Interest:


#1 Hootsuite
A comprehensive social media publishing tool, Hootsuite was first used in 2008 to identify inbound interest.  Hootsuite basically helps to get free reports by email, send messages from a single platform, streamlining the posts and scheduling of the tweets as well.  Details at


#2 FollowerWonk
Followerwonk is a tool to identify the inbound interest especially on social networking site Twitter. Followerwonk plays a major role in inbound marketing that helps in Twitter analytics, segment followers, social graph tracking etc.  Details at

#3 Google Keyword Suggestion Tool
As the name suggests, this tool provides information about most popular keywords used for generating content opportunities. This tool helps to create a list of the most popular keyword phrases using Google, Amazon, YouTube ad Bing “Suggest” database.  Details at

#4 Facebook Ads
Facebook ads coupled with the precise content helps to get higher CTR (click through rate), by identifying the interest of your target audience on Facebook. Facebook ads help to get the right set of consumers at the right time through concepts like Facebook Interest Targeting, Facebook Behavioural Targeting, Facebook’s Custom Audience Targeting etc. Details at

#5 Rapportive
Rapportive is an interesting inbound marketing tool that helps to reach, connect and build a rapport with the audience.  By installing Rapportive tool, you can get the access to the information viz. photo, LinkedIn profile, shared connections etc. of a user whose email id is visible in your account.  Details at 

#6 Crazyegg
Crazyegg is a widely used tool that helps in search engine marketing, web analytics as well as inbound marketing.  This tools allows you to examine and trace audiences’ behaviour thus paving way to create engaging content. 

#7 Visual Website Optimizer
Visual Website Optimizer is world’s easiest A/B testing tool.  This tool helps to track visitor’s click behaviour and thus allow you to optimize & personalise your website.

#8 Unbounce
This tool helps to build engaging content on landing pages.  Unbounce is one such inbound marketing tool that allows to create conversion oriented landing pages that are mobile responsive.

#9 KISSmetrics
Primarily a web analytics tool, KISSmetrics helps you to leverage inbound marketing effectively.  This tool helps to gain and retain the customers by presenting engaging content, thus helps to improve the conversion rates. 

#10 Mix Panel
Mix Panel is one of the most advanced level platforms for web as well as mobiles.  This tool helps to analyse consumer behaviour and accordingly strategize inbound marketing techniques.

#11 Marketing Grader
Marketing Grader focuses on social media, blogging, SEO, lead generation and mobile optimization.  This tool is essential for the newbies in the field of inbound marketing so as to increase the level of visitor interaction.

#12 Google Analytics
A simple to use and easy to set-up tool, Google Analytics helps to give complete picture of your campaign’s performance thus affecting website traffic and conversion rate.  Google Analytics helps to track page views, conversion rates, visitor demographics and much more.


? An effective lead nurturing tool, is a unique sort of inbound marketing tool. enables you to identify audience’s level of unique interaction and accordingly send targeted human messages to the users. Details at


#14 Marketo
Marketo is a website monitoring, tracking and integration tool. This software enables you to determine customer specific behavioural path which helps in lead generation.  Details at


#15 Eloqua
Eloqua is an integrated solution that enables you to build a custom lead database, plan lead generating campaigns and analyse marketing strategy. It is used to evaluate user behaviour and alter the online marketing strategy, accordingly.  Details at


#16 Pardot
In collaboration with, Pardot features certified CRM integrations that allows marketers to increase revenue by generating quality sales. This platform empowers the marketers to nurture leads, perform lead scoring by demonstrating marketing accountability.  Details at


#17 HubSpot
HubSpot is a profound inbound marketing software platform. A focal point for inbound marketing, HubSpot helps to automate content creation, capture and manage leads. Details at