How to Rank your Website on 1st Page of Google for Keywords?




You have a business website and are wondering!!  How can I get my website rank on Top i.e. on 1st Page of Google with my targeted set of keywords?

You may probably have done Great Website Analysis, Perfect On Page Optimization, Organic Social Media Optimization etc. But still you don’t rank on 1st Page of Google for a set of particular keywords. Don’t worry. This guide will help you out as to how to rank your website on 1st Page of Google. By following below mentioned steps, you will start ranking on 1st Page of Google….So hold on your nerve’s…and get ready!!


Ranking your website on Google 1st Page:

Suppose I want to rank for following keywords on 1st Page of Google and other search engines:


What will I do?

  • I will check Keyword Competition and Search Volume.
  • I will rectify my on page factors such as meta tags, H1, H2 tags, keyword density, robots.txt, sitemap, LSI, Content etc.


Link Building – Very Important

I will start building links by:

  • Commenting on forums, blogs, articles etc. relevant to my industry using above keywords as Anchor Text.
  • Writing loads and Loads of articles using above keywords as base and Anchor text and publishing the same on my Blog, Guest blogs, Social media websites etc.
  • Searching for authoritative domains in my niche and posting my content with above keywords contained in it to those authoritative domains and getting backlinks.
  • Building a strong internal linking structure of my website.
  • Outbound Reach i.e. contacting authoritative website owners through emails and requesting them for links for above mentioned keywords.
  • Outbound link building by linking to other websites from my article, blog post etc.


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